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Top 3 Vegetarian Restaurants in Faro, Portugal

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Vegetarian DinnerFaro is for all practical purposes the gateway to the Algarve of southern Portugal, which has become the most popular vacation destination in the country and one of the more recommended ones in Western Europe.

Dining in Faro and the Algarve region will afford the tourist of a wide array of both local and international cuisine. Since Faro is a coastal city, nearly every menu you encounter has some seafood entrée. Additionally, you should be sure to sample some of the local cakes and desserts which contain locally grown almonds and figs. And by all means, enjoy a glass of Medronhofig brandy – a great compliment to any meal.

If you have a more selective palate, such as the preference for a Vegan or vegetarian menu, the selection is limited. However, there are three recommended choices for this type of cuisine while visiting Faro and the Algarve region listed below.

1. Acafrao Restaurante Vegetariano

A strictly Vegan restaurant featuring a wide array of choices for every palate, delicious vegetarian dishes are in plentiful abundance on this eatery’s menu. You can also find the Acafrao online and the website features a listing of their menu in English as well as Portuguese. The atmosphere is enjoyable and it is not uncommon for the owner to be seen visiting all the tables. Incidentally, Acafrao is Portuguese for “saffron.”

2. Gengibre E Canela

Lacto-friendly cuisine, with either buffet or take-out formats to enjoy. Lunch and dinner menus are available at this vegetarian restaurant. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is extremely friendly. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday during the lunch and dinner periods. The only drawback is that the restaurant only accepts cash as a form or payment.

3. O Ribatejano

The restaurant is lacto and ovo-friendly, but the menu is not 100% vegetarian. However, there are numerous entrees on the menu for the vegetarian connoisseur. They do accept cash or credit cards and their website is available in both English and Portuguese.

So vegetarians do not fret, there are enough delights to savor in Faro!

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3 responses to “Top 3 Vegetarian Restaurants in Faro, Portugal”

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  1. Emma Vaughnn says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 11:36

    Hi! Nice post. Thanks for writing a post about this because being a vegetarian can be quite a hassle especially when traveling outside your own country. I think I will note these restaurants on my future visit to Portugal. :)

  2. Jennie Duffus says:
    August 25th, 2009 at 12:20

    I love this article. I produce a free, full-colour, 56-page publication in the Algarve entitled Central Algarve, with a view to promoting all good things about Portugal! I was wondering whether you would give me permission to reproduce your article, of course accredited to your good self.

  3. anabela blofeld says:
    February 2nd, 2013 at 19:26

    And by all means, enjoy a glass of Medronho – fig brandy – a great compliment to any meal

    Please correct the above comment.
    Medronho is made of Medronho fruit not fig.
    They have no relation.

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