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A Family Holiday in Versilia, Tuscany

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Torre del Lago Beach Located in the northern Tuscany region between the Cinquale River and the Lake of Massaciuccoli is Versilia, Italy.  The area is one of the more popular destinations along the Italian Riviera and is well known for its fine sandy beaches, as well as being served by over 425 bathing establishments, 600 hotels, and numerous open beaches. Versilia is known for its mild climate due in large part to the Apuan Alps which forms a bulwark to the region and keeps the climate very seasonable. On the average, Versilia sees at least 270 days of sunshine every year.

Though Italy is held as a key destination for lovers looking to take in a romantic getaway, there is no lack for kid-friendly places in Versilia and families have come back from a wonderful stay in the region on numerous occasions. Here is a list of some of the more commonly frequented spots for families with children to take in while visiting this beautiful area in the Tuscany countryside.

Marina Di Pietrasanta (Coast of Tuscany)

With the Marble Mountains posing as a formidable backdrop for perfect picture postcard scenery, this coastal Tuscany region is one of the most visited beach areas in Italy. Surprisingly, it is not overcrowded due to the fact that Marina Di Pietrasanta is where the Florentines and Milanese spend their summers by the sea and they fight commercialization attempts tooth and nail. It is one of Italy’s better kept secrets, but tourists are still welcome and both children and teenagers alike can quickly make friends with the locals.


The mountains and the sea combine beautifully here in this small medieval town that straddles the Apuan Alps’ lush foothills. The town’s Roman origins are depicted by the Roman wall of which part of its remains are still standing. Both artists and sculptors the world over are drawn to the cultural hub that Pietrasanta is in the community. Artist studios are intermingled with the small elegant shops displaying their wooden shutters and ochre-washed walls deep within the alleyways that form the Piazza del Duomo.

Forte Dei Marmi

Known as the ‘Marble Fort and located just over 1 mile from Marina Di Pietrasanta, Forte Dei Marmi shares the identical stretch of golden beaches and the spectacular backdrop created by the Apuan Alps. Despite its flair for the elegant and being extremely low key, this is acknowledged by many Italians as being one of the most chic and prestigious Italian beach resorts. Established around the turn of the century, this was one of the first bathing beaches in the region and was continually frequented by Royalty from all over Europe. Designer shops, sophisticated pavement cafes, and world famous restaurants abound for the tourist.

Photo of little girl at Torre del Lago beach, Versilia, Tuscany, by pasma

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  1. bussola says:
    July 18th, 2010 at 04:51

    if you visit Versilia you should visit Bussola Versilia, the Versilia Club (la discoteca della Versilia)

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