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How to Enjoy the Fall Season

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

One of the most magically seasons of the year is autumn. The leaves change creating the backdrop for the most stunning foliage that can only mean fall has arrived.

fall leaves

Autumn tends to be the winding down from the heat and thrills of summer. Fall lends its hand to a time of reflection, appreciation of nature and the beautiful that is autumn. Fall is symbolizes harvest and foliage. This list will help you make the very most of both.

Pick Apples From a Local Orchard

Visit a local orchard for the quintessentially apple picking experience. The benefit of orchards is that you can hand pick your apples and take them home with you. This then opens the door to many a possibilities. Especially, for those who are handy in the way of baking and the kitchen in general but I will get to that later in this list.

Making Fresh Apple Cider

Now that you have gathered the hand picked fresh apples what better way to enjoy the occasion then with freshly homemade cider. The great thing about freshly made cider is that it can be enjoyed both warm and chilled depending on your personal preference. Either way it is the perfect finish to a fun day out at your local orchard.

Pumpkin Picking

Picking pumpkins to celebrate the arrival of autumn really should be a national holiday. The most identifiable aspect of fall is the orange and user-friendly pumpkin. The pumpkin has a history of being a multifaceted addition to hearth and home around the world. The best part of pumpkin picking happens to be when you take the pumpkin home. Whether you use the pumpkin to decorate the perfect Halloween occasion or the perfect pumpkin pie receipt there is nothing like taking that cart drawn ride through a pumpkin patch in search of the pumpkin just right for you. For those who are determined to use your pumpkin in the culinary way the pumpkin makes for delicious pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin, ice cream and pumpkin bread. The receipts for pumpkin are endless.

Camping in a Scenic Park Setting

Camping is a wonderful ways to both explore and enjoy the autumn foliage and turning of the season up close and personal. Most camp sights are in reach and affordable. You may have to bundle up at night as the evening tends too much cooler at this time of the year. Relaxing in front an open-air fire with a few marshmallows toasting is a peaceful way to welcome in the autumn season with style. It also makes for a romantic experience for those camping out with a certain special someone. You may be advised to book ahead if you are after a cabin setting experience just to be on the safe side.

Nature Walks

The wonderful thing about nature walks in the fall is that nature is truly at its most beautiful. The rustling of leaves everywhere is bound to stir up more than just the wind on your excursion. The changing of the leaves in every colour of the rainbow will be a grand vision to take in. Bringing a camera is almost a perquisite. You would want to recapture the beauty of your excursion over and over again as the very next day the leaves would have yet again changed on autumn’s way toward winter.

Raking up a Big Pile of Leaves then Jumping In Them!

As the autumn season progresses the inevitable is the fallen leaves remain fallen everywhere. We have all at some time or another had the duty of racking up the leaves. There is no reason why this cannot be another fun activity to bring out the kid in all of us. While the process of racking does entail bagging the piles and piles of gathered leaves, just before bagging them have fun with them. Throw leaves at a friend like a snowball fight is a terrific way to enjoy autumn with childlike excitement. But, most of all do not forget to breath in the fall air. Clean and fresh while you take in the enjoyment of your autumn season in 2008.


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