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Egg-selent European Easter Traditions

Friday, April 4th, 2014

With the approaching of one of the holiest days in the calendar, Easter, many of us are heading to known and unknown lands for a celebration that should be remembered for ever.

european ester(photo by: Camera=lagging)

Many countries celebrate Easter. In the US, people have turned Easter into a tasty, chocolate-filled Christmas where the Easter Bunny is Santa. Although bringing eggs instead of gifts, it is still a children’s favourite. The children are in the centre of celebrations there; games such as the Easter egg roll and Easter egg hunts are always played.

Egg rolling is also played in some European countries such as Germany and England. The idea of rolling eggs down a hill come from the supposed way in which the rock was moved from Jesus Christ’s tomb at his resurrection. In England, people are also fond of the Easter bunny, although not as much as their friends over the Atlantic Ocean.

Finding the best place to celebrate Easter is a hard task, for sure. Many would say Italy, one of the Catholic centres in the world, where the Easter Sunday Mass in Rome is a national event, is the best destination. Others will say that the best idea ever is to spend this spring holiday in one of the Nordic countries where salmon and saunas are the thing.

There is, however, probably no better destination for the truly romantic travellers than Seville.
The Semana Santa de Sevilla is the most important Holy Week in Spain and people from all over the world join the festivities to celebrate the strength shown by the Virgin Mary and her son – Jesus Christ. The very week is celebrated right before Easter. You can also enjoy a rich parade and meet the locals… If only you know where to go and what to do, right?

After finding a place to stay, all you need to do is walk outside. From one building to another, from one museum to another, from one palace to a huge square… The city is a cluster of enjoyable locations fit for any tourist. Some of the best 3 star hotels in Sevilla are listing incredible Easter deals and practically everyone can join in on the traditional Santa Semana, the parades, colourful celebrations and marches.
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