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Dubstep Music in London

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Every decade has a genre of music that seems to spring out of nowhere and excite the crowds. Often it excites music journalists and commentators more than the audience because giving something a term then brings with it huge marketable potential.

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Dubstep music is not a hugely new idea, but then what music is ever really that new? What Dubstep has become in the late 00s in the UK is what garage, trance, house, and drum and bass were in the 90s before it. It’s a sound that came from the underground and now plays on the radios in cafes and shops.

If Dubstep were a cake then it’d be a sponge: fairly straightforward to make but very difficult to master. The ingredients are largely drum and bass and 2-step garage, with grime and more reggae influenced dub as the icing.

The music was first showcased in London’s club FWD >> near Barbican in east London around ten years ago. This venue is still a hugely prominent mark on the Dubstep map today and has helped promote artists now widely know such as Skream.

The rise to the mainstream around 2008 saw Dubstep take over London. With the help of BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, the genre now reached unlikely audiences across the UK and almost every club night and every student union now features some element of it on its bill.

When the likes of Burial, the anonymous producer who is only know by one photograph on his (or to be honest it could be a ‘her’ for all we know) myspace page was nominated for the prestigious UK Mercury Award it made the genre as cool as it could ever get in the mainstream. But then when this happens, the so-called ‘real’ fans inevitably get annoyed and precious of the music. Having said that though it’s retaining its integrity and here are a few choice club nights taking over London at the time of writing.

Some Night – The Den and Centro – 16 West Central St

This is a Wednesday night affair so you might want to book a day off the next day. Featuring acts like Joker and Benton.

Code – Rhythm Factory – 16-18 Whitechapel Rd

Fridays out east is the Rhythm Factory and home to a night that will show you how techno and dubstep meet. Not a cheap night out but then what is in London and at least you know it’ll be going on all night so you get your moneys worth.

Mass – Brixton

It’s a classic one for those south of the river and has the backing of seminal producers Mala and Coki.

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