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Fun for the whole family: Attractions in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are you planning a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones to Dubrovnik, Croatia? You know, a few days of soothing sun, catching a glimpse of the expansive sea views as well as soaking up the rich local culture? Well, Dubrovnik is the best place for a few days of fun in the sun. Question is, how do you pick out exciting activities for the whole family?Say no more. Here’s a list of fantastic little spots in Dubrovnik that is perfect for everyone.

1. Kopakabana (Copacabana) Beach

This is a charming little beach located in Babin Kuk (Lapad Suburb). The best bit about this scenic pebble beach is its idyllic atmosphere; while it is one of the more popular beaches in Dubrovnik, it lacks the high-paced vibe of other beaches.

What’s there to do in Kopakabana? Glad you asked. The sport-lovers will have a field day in the sea – think jet ski, kayak, parachute boat ride. That should be plenty of excitement for the hyperactive teenagers. As for the little ones, there are sea slide chutes whereabouts they can run around in their own little haphazard way. On a side note, look out for the lift that helps elderly folk get in and out of the sea.

Here’s a heads up for the moms and dads. There are quieter beach spots in the Babin Kuk area, one or more of which are popular naturist beaches (e.g. Cava beach). So it’s a just a warning when traveling with your little ones.

2. Roland’s column / Orlando’s column

This is an excellent sightseeing addition that appeals both to culture crazy adults and inquisitive teens alike.

First things first. What is this column all about? It is a grand, intricately designed structure with depicting a sword-wielding knight. Story goes that this statue was dedicated to a famous knight( some believe it is none other than Charlemagne’s nephew), a brave warrior of legendary times. At this point you can imagine the awe in the little ones eyes. Starting out as a symbol of independence, this column later came to represent the city’s strength and perseverance throughout the times.

Here’s an extra bit of fascinating facts – this column that dates back around 600 years, was the preferred spot for announcements, rallies and punishments!

Where is it located? Roland’s Column is located on the eastern end of Stradun, close to Sponza Place and right by the gate of Ploča.

3. Taj Mahal

Don’t let the name fool you, this quaint little restaurant actually serves delectable East European dishes.

Located in Old Town, this eatery boasts friendly staff and a warm homely atmosphere. From delicious grilled meat dishes to wholesome vegetarian meals like the spinach strudel, there’s plenty of choices for everyone. For a taste of European cuisine, check out Bosnian specialties like ćevepi, bureci and pite. Unlike the chic spots targeting tourists, this place is a quaint little side-street restaurant with its own personal flair. Be warned, it is popular and thus, can get a bit busy at times. On the bright side, then you can opt for the take-out option.

Where is it located? The address for Dubrovnik’s own little Taj Mahal is Svetog Dominika b.b., Dubrovnik. (Tel: +385.020.322.220).

4. Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival

If you are visiting this idyllic holiday spot in summer, it’s a great idea to check out the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Dubrovnik Festival can best be described as a jubilant six weeks in summer when people meet up to celebrate art, culture, beauty and diversity. Relaxed, cheerful and informative, this festival appeals to various age groups. There are musical performances, exhibitions, food stalls, fine art and culture shows and so much more.

Those of you who would like to learn a little bit more (so where can I buy tickets, when does this take place, can I see what it looks like, so on and so forth) can find out more through this website – Dubrovnik Festival.

And there you have it. Four activities / events in Dubrovnik that caters to the whole family.

Photo of  Dubrovnik, Croatia,  by gari.baldi

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