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Best Coffee and Pastry Shops in Dublin, Ireland

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Coffee Shop - Dublin, Ireland

Though draft ales and beers clearly hold a huge allure for visitors, the coffee and pastries found throughout Dublin hold mouth-watering faire for every palate. Listed below are our recommendations for the best coffee bars and bakeries for you to visit while exploring the city.

1. Brown’s Bar

A very popular bar with the ladies, but more and more exec’s from the corporate sector are finding what a great place this is for a cup of coffee to wash down their favorite dessert with. The classic ambience is second to none and you will delight to the flavorful cappuccinos and espressos, while savoring rich cakes, ice cream desserts, pastries, and pies to satiate every taste bud imaginable.

2. Butler’s Chocolate Café

Undoubtedly the ultimate destination – a chocolate lover’s fantasy and a coffee lover’s dream all rolled into one. If you enjoy both of these then you won’t want to omit this café from your exploration agenda. Lined with tantalizing treats such as creamy caramels, marzipan, petit fours, and truffles, you’ll have a challenge deciding on what to bring home as gifts. And don’t forget to enjoy a cappuccino, an espresso, or a latte while you’re there.

3. Fitzer’s Café

Despite having several locations scattered throughout Dublin, you will want to visit the one located at Merrion Square inside Dublin’s National Gallery. Prolific greenery surrounding white seating creates a great atmosphere as you relax next door to some of the most fantastic artwork of the world, some of which can be seen from your table, depending upon where you sit.

Photo of cups of Irish Coffee by Mohan S

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