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Family Delights in Dubai

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

One of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE or United Arab Emirates is Dubai.  It is more like an independent city-state but it is the most modernized and progressive of the seven emirates.  It has developed at an astounding pace, especially in the tourist and trade sectors.  The downtown district is comprised of Bur Dubai, the most historical district in the greater Dubai area and Deira which was once the old financial district but today is a hectic commercial and residential area of the city.

photo by mckaysavage

Dubai is a treasure trove of attractions and other sightseeing venues.  We have listed those that shouldn’t be missed whenever you spend time in Dubai:

Al Ahmadiya School, Deira – established in 1912, this was Dubai’s very first school and has recently been perfectly restored to its original state.  The minutest of details are still fascinating right down to the diplomas and reed pens that were once used in the school’s earlier days of existence.  Today, there are some modern amenities such as air conditioning and clean toilets that are provided for the visitor’s convenience.

Bastakiya District – one of the last remaining remnants of the Old Dubai, it is now the home to numerous reconstructed buildings of the older, more traditional architecture.  The atmosphere is evocative and historical while containing a number of art galleries and cafés that you can visit and explore.

Dubai Museum – if you’re interested in the cultural and social history of Dubai if not the entire country, this is a must-see attraction.  There are exhibits that include artifacts and the older traditional reed homes as your tour of the facility begins at the al-Fahidi fort and then continues into the more modern extension that was built below the fort.  This is truly a stunning showcase of Dubai history.

Jumeirah Mosque – not only is this the perfect example of Islamic architecture, it is the largest mosque in the city of Dubai.  It was constructed in the medieval Fatimid tradition and features an interior that was decorated in some very elaborate Arabic calligraphy.  It is also one of a very few mosques in the city that allows non-Muslim visitors inside of it.  This was done in order to promote a better understanding of the Muslim culture and religion.

The Dubai Marina – this is one of the more popular and newer areas of modern day Dubai.  Both the locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting the area since it offers 2 different walkways, a fabulous beach, a mall, a phenomenal skyline, and world class hotels.  The Marina Walk and the Walk feature a number of coffee shops, restaurants, and shops.  You can rent a yacht if you like and The Walk has an open-air market that operates from October to May every Friday and Saturday at daylight.


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  1. sandy says:
    June 9th, 2014 at 16:29

    yup i agree bur dubai is most historic and specially the museum is the attraction there.. nice post and nice image ;)

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