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Drinks and Pubs in Florence

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

For the best prices near the Duomo, stop by the sleek Shot Cafè in Via de’ Pucci, a hang-out for a young crowd of students and the like. A stop at the Shot guarantees an international sample of folks; speak to locals, passers-through, soldiers on leave and Erasmus students, for example. The pitcher specials are a steal at 9€; you can order a variety of mixed drinks or the popular aperitivo drink Spritz. Happy Hour begins at 4 PM and doesn’t end until 9. This trendy bar also offers a variety of food items and free wireless internet.

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Plenty of bars in Florence offer an earthier, heartier experience. The Dublin Pub is perfect for a short trip into the Renaissance Capital; situated near the train station, it promises generous pints of Irish brew, namely Guinness, Harp and Strongbow. Specials rotate on a fairly regular basis as far as the beer goes, but there is always a steady selection of mixed drinks and relatively inexpensive local wines. It’s a warm and cozy atmosphere where visitors from every corner of the world are welcome.

Kikuya, another Irish den, is situated near Santa Croce, a zone of Florence known for its expatriate population. This same area is known for a variety of international-flavored hangouts, clubs and meeting spots for visitors. The environment of Kiyuka, however, is comfortably low-lit and decorated with all kinds of antique British brewing devices and advertisements. Passersby in the street peer through the windows at the large-screen televisions, which make Kiyuka a great place to watch any sporting event. Don’t miss an opportunity to try the unusually strong Dragoon Beer, the pride of Kiyuka’s menu.

In Italian, “kitsch” means the opposite of “chic.” But for an essential experience in Florence, look no further than the bar known as Kitsch, a classy spot in Piazza Beccaria. Here, you can find a traditional Florentine aperitivo, an all-included drink and buffet deal. In this upscale locale, you pay 8€ at the door for a sophisticated and strong alcoholic beverage, as well as an open table of irresistible tapas-style food selections. Pasta, hummus and dessert options are prepared and spread right before you. The bartenders are young and stylish, but Kitsch draws crowds of all ages. It’s great for groups, and above all, it has the feel of a real, local environment.

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