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Pubs and Bars in Doha, Qatar

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

One of the more modern and rapidly developing cities in the world is Doha, Qatar’s capital city.  With the huge amount of money that is being invested in the construction industry, Doha stands poised and ready to become the Persian Gulf’s premier cities within the next few years.  For the international traveler who enjoys having a few drinks and participating in a lively nightlife, the pubs and bars in Doha, Qatar are sure to satisfy their needs.  Just be aware that the only places that serve alcohol, are the hotel bars in Doha – no place else. Being a prominent Moslem state, alcohol is not freely available as it goes against their own religious beliefs.

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Be sure that you have your passport with you as local and tourist patrons are now required to show identification if they want to drink at any pub or bar in the city.  The following list are some of the more recommended pubs and bars to visit when staying in Doha:

Garvey’s – It is a European family-owned bar that serves the cheapest drinks in town.  Just be aware that the male to female ratio is about 7:3.  In other words, it’s roughly 70% male patrons to 30% female patrons.  On Tuesday and Wednesday the live entertainment is Irish folk music while it’s a live band on Friday and sometimes even on Thursday.

Rugby Club – as the name implies, this is a favorite of rugby fans and teams here in Doha.  It houses a nice little bar with a distinctly British feel, inexpensive drinks, and an outdoor barbeque.

Bars located in the Ramada Hotel Zone

Orion – although this is a decent bar to enjoy drinks in, it is not well known, which is a benefit to you because it is oftentimes uncrowded.  It is situated in a brand new building on the ninth floor and you can listen to jazz every Friday night if that is what you like.  For the person who just wants to “chill” for the evening, this is an ideal place and features a very relaxing atmosphere.

Bubbles – this is another one of the bars located in the Ramada Hotel Zone and is located in the Mezzanine in the hotel’s newer section.  For all practical purposes, Bubbles is one of best pubs to visit.  Although it is a bit loud for western style, because of its bright pink, plaid, and red décor, the service as well as the drinks and prices are excellent.

Qatar has a zero alcohol policy for those who drive, so if you intend having a drink, it is best to call a cab to go back. Anyone breaking the rule has to face expulsion from the country, stiff fine or even a night out in jail.


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