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Disneyland Paris For Seniors

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Disneyland Paris' MinneyDisneyland Paris is a great place for seniors, either being dragged around by boisterous grandchildren or, as is increasingly common, on a break of their own. The word senior is, of course, very general and encompasses a wide range of abilities and needs. Generally speaking, senior visitors to the resort will not need any special measures except maybe a sit down every so often. Others may need more attention and should think about taking a disabled pass which will alert staff to your mobility needs.

Disneyland Paris is generally flat and accessible, so seniors should have no problem getting about. However, a trip to the park does usually involve a lot of walking which can leave some visitors feeling tired very quickly. There are two ways around this. Firstly, there is a train which circles the park stopping at each of the adventure areas. This is a great way to avoid traipsing after more exuberant visitors, you can even tell them to run and meet you at the other end. The second option is to simply rest a lot. The park has plenty of places to stop and sit down, usually in an overpriced food or drink joint but you can just rest if you need to.

Visitors for whom mobility is starting to become a problem should adopt a pragmatic approach from the beginning and not try to brave it out, the sheer size of the park will wear you down. For example, senior visitors are entitled to use the reserved parking spaces near the Park gates which will reduce the often ridiculously long walk required just to get it. Wheelchairs are available for hire which can be a good option as almost the entire park is wheelchair accessible.

Being in a wheelchair does not allow you to jump to the front of the, often long, queues for each ride, but it does mean that only one of your group has to queue and the others can sit to one side, perhaps in the shade. Visitors should be aware that hiring a wheelchair will require a 150 Euro deposit, but that will be returned at the end of your visit.

If you have any special needs for your visit to Disneyland then the best advice is to contact the park as much in advance as possible. In almost every case they will be able to accommodate you but the chance of this increases if they have some warning. If you turn up in the busiest periods of the summer with special requests they will probably still be met but you will spend most of the day waiting around, which is not a nice way to experience the magic kingdom.

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