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Seven Day Trips To Enhance Your London Experience

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Stonehenge is a definite must-do day trip from London!

Day trips from London(Photo by: Mari)

Seven Day Trips To Enhance Your London Experience

London, England, is definitely on the top of any “best cities in the world to visit” list! The city itself is filled with centuries of history, architecture, art, and royalty. London is also ideally located within England because it sits in close proximity to many other fantastic English sites. Top that off with a great public transport system and you are sure to get your fill of fantastic London and many other breathtaking locations during your visit. Let’s take some day trips that will enhance your already amazing London experience!


The mystery of Stonehenge remains unsolved to this day; however, speculative theories surrounding why this massive stone circle was built include the frightening consideration that the place was used for human sacrifice – yikes! Stonehenge is a must-see no matter the reason it was built, and experts date the stone structure as far back as 3000 B.C. Stonehenge is located in Salisbury, about a two-hour trip from London, and you can take public transport the entire way. While you’re there, take the time to check out the city of Salisbury as well, including some nifty markets and other historic architecture.

St Albans

After visiting Stonehenge, take a day trip to St Albans to visit one of England’s oldest cities. This city has been home to peasant revolts and civil wars and was even the site of important meetings leading to the first draft of the Magna Carta, England’s version of the Declaration of Independence. Visitors to St Albans will enjoy ancient Roman ruins and beautiful architecture, including a 15th century clock tower and some amazing medieval cathedrals. St Albans is a quick day trip from London; it only takes about a half-hour to get there by train.


Bath is aptly named “Bath” because it is the site of one of the world’s best-preserved Roman baths. You see, England was once controlled by the ancient Romans, and this Roman bath is still fueled to this day by England’s only natural hot spring. Bath is also home to some beautiful architecture of the Georgian period, and Jane Austen fans know all too well that the author is one of the city’s most famous former residents. Bath is about one-and-a-half to two hours from London, and you can use public transport to get there!

Leeds Castle

Dating back to the Norman Conquest – that’s the 11th century – Leeds Castle is often cited as England’s most beautiful castle. It not only sits on a lake, but it also has some super-gorgeous flower gardens where you can pretend that you’re royalty enjoying your afternoon tea. If you’re looking for a little adventure while you’re pretending the castle is your residence, try one of the treetop adventure courses or hot air ballooning over Kent, Leeds Castle’s location. This day trip will take about an hour to get there by train and almost two hours by car.

Blenheim Palace

Perhaps you’d prefer to pretend that you are one of Great Britain’s most famous prime ministers, Winston Churchill. If so, take a day trip to Woodstock, Oxfordshire, and visit Blenheim Palace, which is the birthplace of Churchill. Blenheim Palace is an 18th century “country house” that gives you some peace and quiet while you’re away from the hustle and bustle of London. Wander the palace grounds and take in the art collection, antique collection, and exhibition dedicated to Churchill. This day trip is about an hour-and-a-half if you drive it.


Another famous United Kingdom resident is playwright William Shakespeare, who many argue was the greatest playwright of all time. Shakespeare was born in the picturesque town of Stratford-upon-Avon. If you’re thinking that’s a funny name for a town, allow me to explain: Stratford sits upon the river Avon! When visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace you’ll get to see Shakespeare’s home and the Royal Shakespeare and Swan theaters and enjoy the city’s charming streets and medieval architecture. You can get to Stratford-upon-Avon with a two-hour train ride.


If you’re looking for a little less travel time and more tourist time, Brighton is a glorious British seaside city that is about a 50-minute train ride out of London. What’s there to see in Brighton? Glorious pebble beaches, the Brighton Pier, and King George IV’s Royal Pavilion – an extravagant palace of the historic monarch. Brighton is also home to some of the best fish and chips England has to offer, as well as other fantastic eateries and pubs. If you feel like a little exercise, climb the helter-skelter at Brighton Pier: You can see the Isle of Wight from the top.

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