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A Great Day Trip from Hamburg to Lunenburg

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Hamburg has some really nice sightseeing and culture, but if you have seen everything what you wanted to see, you could do a one day trip to Luneburg.

How to get from Hamburg to Luneburg

Luenburg is situated about 60 km away from Hamburg and you can get there by car, train or bus. If you rent a car or you might have your own car with you, just take the autobahn (kind of freeway) from Hamburg to Luneburg. One autobahn comes from the city centre of Hamburg and is called A1 and the other autobahn, which goes in the south of Germany too, is the A7. At the interchange Maschener Kreuz/Horster Dreieck just change from A1 or A7 on the A250 and you will get right away to Luneburg. It will take you between 45 minutes and 1 hour to get there.

Another way to get to Luneburg is by railway. Hamburg main train station is located next to the Moenckebergstrasse. If you are in one of the other parts of Hamburg, you can take the subway to the central train station, which is called “Hauptbahnhof” in German. Another central station is Harburg, which is another part of Hamburg. It will take about 40-50 minutes to get from Hamburg to Luneburg by train. If you are not sure how and where to get a railway ticket, just ask some staff in the service point of the Deutsche Bahn in the central railway station. They will help you to get a train ticket.

The other way to get to Luneburg is by bus, which is pretty difficult, because you have to change for other buses. You would have to change for others buses about three or four times and you should have to wait a lot for the next bus, which would cost useful time. So better take the train or the car.

The City Centre of Luneburg

Luneburg is a very historical city and was at that time famous for its salt. The salt cutback made the city rich and elevated.

Luneburg central train station is very close to the city centre and next to the central bus station. You only have to walk about five minutes to get in the city centre with a lot of shops and of course sightseeing. On the way from the central railway station to the city centre you come along and old church called “St. Johanniskirche”. If you are interested in churches, take a look into the beautiful church. Next to this church is a place called “Sande”. You can find some shops and historical houses on the Sande. This style of construction is very typical for the old houses there. From the Sande are leading different streets called “Am Berge”, “Grapengiesserstrasse” or “Baeckerstrasse” to the other shops, where you can find different kind of stuff. You can find Luneburg city hall at the end of  Baeckerstrasse. They are doing some interesting sightseeing tours through the city hall. On the left side of the city hall, which is called “Rathaus” in German, is a small street called “Schroederstrasse”. You can find some really nice restaurants, cafés and bars in this street. One of the most famous and tasty cafés are the “Café Central” and “Café Maexx”. You can eat lunch or dinner in all price ranges there and you will enjoy the wonderful ambience.

Lueneburg Museums and Attractions

About five minutes walk from there is the famous Salt Museum of Lueneburg, where you can see some historical troves and you will get to know everything of the salt city. The Museum is in the street “Hinter der Saline”. Very close to the museum is the old part of Lunenburg called “Altstadt” with a lot of small and historical buildings. Small streets with little houses are typically for the old time of Lueneburg a few hundred years ago. You can walk through the streets and take a look at the houses. People are living there and it doesn’t cost you a thing to take a look at it.

Another museum in the city centre is the “Ostpreussisches Landesmuseum” with a lot of information about the old times in Lueneburg and the old country Ostpreussen. It’s a very historical museum with interesting stuff to see, if you are interested in things like that. Just a few minutes away is an old water tower, which you can visit. You can climb up there (stairs) and take a beautiful view over Lunenburg. Another old thing of Lueneburg is an old crane, which was used at that time to pick up heavy goods and put them on ships and carriages. You can still take a look at the old crane and you don’t have to pay anything for that.

Not for away from the crane is an old place called “Stint”, where you can see these old houses again and you can eat in some nice restaurants and bars there. There is also an Irish Pub, where you can take some drinks and meet nice people. The Stint is very famous at the weekend for little parties and small music events. The comfortable Restaurant September has some nice dinners and they play sometimes live music at the weekend. It’s a great place to meet people and talk a little bit. Along the Stint flows the small river “Ilmenau” and in the summer you can sit outside in front of the Ilmenau and take a little coffee for example.

Lueneburg Parks

Lueneburg has also some nice green parks in the centre of the city. At first there is the “Liebesgrund”, which was a hundred years ago a moat. Now it is a small park for nice walks, maybe with your dog or kids. There is also a playground for children.

The “Kurpark” is a big park including a little sea next to the Soltauer Strasse. It’s a lovely place with a wonderful ambience for a walk and a great place to take a sun bath in the summer. The large green lawn is perfect for some games like Soccer, Badminton or Frisbee. A lot of people are using this park for jogging.

Another pretty small park is the “Clamartpark” next to the Haagestrasse. There is a big monument of a horse rider in the park. The park is used for walks with your dog and there are sitting very often some homeless people and punks. Don’t worry, because they are all friendly and don’t annoy you.

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Photo of Lunenburg Old Town, Germany, by juergen.mangelsdorf

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  1. blessingsgoddess says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 09:32

    Luneburg looks like it’s well worth a visit.

    May 3rd, 2013 at 08:06

    Soy catalan de barcelona no se ingles y quiero visitar LUNEMBUG,Gracias

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