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Compare Beer Prices Around the World

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

For many travellers there is one burning question when visiting a city – how much does a beer cost? This vital piece of info can make or break a holiday. So, let’s take a tour of five beer loving cities and compare the expense…

prezzi birra(photo by: Daniel Lee)

The German city of Munich is renowned for its devotion to beer. Home to the Oktoberfest, the city can provide ample delights for every beer expert. The real deal can be found at all Munich hotel bars, as well as traditional pubs and markets. The average price for a half-litre glass will set you back around £2.30 or 2.76 Euro. A stay at a Munich hotel could be the key to a beer master-class!

The British capital of London has a great number of bars and public drinking establishments to enjoy a brew. The differences in prices can be fairly alarming, with certain fashionable west-end bars charging well over the average of £3.80. Indeed, some trendy late-night venues have been known to charge in excess of £8 for a beer…

Beer drinkers visiting New York can expect to pay upwards of $10 (just over £6) in some areas. As with all major cities, there is quite a lot of variation in the prices according to the venue and the area. One thing is certain, the bright lights of NYC can be the perfect place to enjoy a beer.

The eternal city of Rome has a wealth of artistic treasure to indulge in, but what about the beer? Italian beers can range in taste and strength, but often take the shape of a refreshing lager type drink. One of these on a hot day could be just the ticket, and will cost you around 5 Euro or £4.20.

A stay in a Prague hotel can offer a terrific break to experience the beautiful Czech Republic capital. Arriving at a far more reasonable price than many of the world’s beer drinking cities, a large glass in Prague hotel bar will cost an average of just a pound. Yes, £1. Time to pack the bags, perhaps?


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