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Avoid the Most Common Traveler Mistakes

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

We all love to travel be it domestically or internationally, there’s something about getting away from it all that we just cant resist!  Millions of people pack their suitcases each week with dreams of their destination and the wonders that await them. Ok, sometimes you’re going to see your mum so perhaps dreams of home-made food is more apt :-) From the time you start planning your trip until you arrive at the airport, there are a number of details that you should be aware of.  Unfortunately, we often overlook certain elements prior to boarding that we really should think twice about.

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How Much Hand Luggage? – If you are flying, you want to find out how much carry-on space and weight your airline allows you.  Remember that the smaller the plane is, the less overhead space you will have, and the less you can carry on.

Protect Your Luggage From Theft – You might think that there are better safeguards against theft when you are flying.  Unfortunately, luggage theft is still very common.  Nothing tips a thief off more than people toting lavish, designer luggage covered in logos.

If in Doubt, Leave it Out– Are you really going to wear your diamond necklace and matching earrings on vacation? If you absolutely cannot imagine taking off without these valuables, wear them or carry them in your hand luggage and keep them near you at all times.  Don’t pack them in the luggage that you are going to check at the front desk.  If a bag or piece of luggage gets lost somewhere between the boarding area and your destination, the airline is rarely liable.

Do Your Part Dress Smart – The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has gotten really tough about clearing security prior to boarding an airplane.  Not to mention the fact that some US and foreign airports are more thorough when it comes to the security issue than others.

Want To Save Time? – Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry as this will trigger the metal detector and you will have to take it off anyway.  Those beautiful boots with all the laces? Yes, you’ll have to take those off too. Oh, and make sure you carry only what you’re supposed to in your hand-luggage, no-one wants their carefully-packed bag opened out in front of all and sundry!

Wherever your destination, follow these simple tips for a stress-free journey!

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