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Clubs and Bars in Prague

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Prague at night alone is worth a visit. The nocturnal habitats frequented are often one of a kind.

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The epitome of Prague’s uniqueness is Cross Club, buried away in Holesovice. This local underground hang out formerly catering to the dreadlocked-coiffed demographic for its popular Drum’n’Bass nights now opened a café on top. A Czech artist eclectically decorates the whole lot. The metal setting of the basement makes it look like a scene straight from The Matrix. During weeknights it’s manageable, but if you can’t take the crowd on weekends, split for Mecca, an electro club known to host up-and-coming international DJs. The best night to go is on a Wednesday.

The Old Town Square is a snapshot heaven by day, and a popular hangout by night. U Sudu is a cool bar to grab a beer. It has lots of different rooms and music. If you follow Dlouha Street all the way to the end, you will hit Roxy. On Monday, the entrance is free but even if you have to pay to get in, the DJs will make it worth the fee. They have been known to host big name in Electro like Paul Kalkbrenner and DJ Luca. If you feel like you need more space, more choice and more music, then Karlovy Lazne is probably the place for you. There is a cover fee even for girls, which is not usual in Prague, but you get five clubs for the price of one. Each floor has a different type of music: from pop in the basement, to Techno on the second floor, to 80’s revival with a neon light dance floor on the third, Hip Hop and Chill-Out on the last floors.

Zizkov is the alternative party place. If you’re staying somewhere in the area of the tower with the babies crawling on it, you might never have to leave it. A good way to start the night is to go to Radhost FX, if the place looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen it in a Rihanna video. Thursday night is a popular Hip Hop night there. Another popular choice in the area is electro-geared Akropolis, minutes away from the Zizkov tower. And if the rhythm has got a hold on you, shake it off at the very special after hours dig Le Clan. It peaks at around 4am and doesn’t close until 11am.

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Tatiana was born and bred in Antwerp, Belgium. When she turned 18, she set out to find the place where she belonged. She lived in Florence, Italy, in New York City, in Yerevan Armenia, in Prague, Czech Republic and in Guatemala before landing in Berlin, the only city on the planet designed to accommodate her. She has traveled to over 45 countries.

2 responses to “Clubs and Bars in Prague”

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  1. Marx says:
    November 16th, 2010 at 17:36

    I went to the hotel roma. It was awesome

  2. WILL RUSSELL says:
    December 6th, 2010 at 13:23

    Totally agree with you about Cross Club,Radost and the Roxy. Tatiana. SaZaSu is a relatively new addition to the club scene and is worth a visit for the best d.j.’s or live acts.

    I love grabbing my pre-party beers at Jama, v Jame, just off Vodicova street. Being an American in Prague it’s a cool place to catch up with fellow expats and the locals.

    Most parties i have these days tend to be at Cross Club then the after-party at Batalion.

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