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Cliff-Walking in Switzerland

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Your cliff walk is just three cable car rides away!

cliff walking(Photo by: calflier001)

Cliff-Walking in Switzerland

The Swiss are famous for many amazing things: cheese, chocolate, watches, the Red Cross, and of course, those breathtaking Alps! Adventurous people worldwide travel to Switzerland each year to tackle the snow-capped mountains boasting extreme altitude and terrain. Whether you are adventurous or not, Switzerland makes for a great travel destination. Let’s take a trip to Switzerland and check out a new way everyone can enjoy extreme sporting: cliff-walking!

Why You Should Visit Switzerland

Although I am going to be talking about cliff-walking in this blog post, I don’t want the faint of heart to close this page. Switzerland is an ideal travel location for everyone. This European nation is home to some of the world’s most beautiful, natural scenery, and the Swiss take this very seriously. Nestled between the Swiss Alps are some of the world’s greenest valleys. These valleys, and the mountains that surround and protect them, house a rich ecosystem of plant life, and the Swiss possess a fierce environmental consciousness that protects these precious regions.

Alongside Switzerland’s natural beauty is man-made art and architecture worthy of any visit. Switzerland has centuries of historical art and architecture that tourists can take in during their visit. It also has a pretty nifty cultural scene, some famous athletes – anyone ever heard of tennis star Roger Federer? – and I believe I already mentioned cheese and chocolate. Really, what else do you need? (Maybe a good wine to go with it!)

Extreme Switzerland

But let’s talk extreme. Come on! Even if you don’t want to try this, it’ll be fun to check it out virtually. Aside from their beautiful scenery, super food, and environmental and humanitarian efforts, the Swiss are also very impressive when it comes to feats of engineering. Nestled in the Swiss Alps at 9,908 feet is a little suspension bridge the Swiss thought would be cool to build – why not build a bridge that high? The challenge alone probably made the project worthwhile.

This bridge is the official site for the Mount Titlis Cliff Walk. Naturally, the bridge is located on the cliffs of Switzerland’s Mount Titlis, a 10,000-plus-foot Alp located in central Switzerland about an hour from Zurich. At the base of Mount Titlis is Switzerland’s picturesque Engelberg, a Swiss village famous for its cable car rides up the Swiss Alps. In fact, the Mount Titlis Cliff Walk was built to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Engelberg’s cable car system. So what can you expect when you get there? Let’s talk some stats!

The Titlis suspension bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Europe. I’ve already mentioned that it’s about 10,000 feet above sea level: It is also 300 feet long and 3 feet wide. It’s a suspension bridge, so it gives way to walkers – in other words, this baby is going to move a bit as you cross, so be prepared for a wobbly experience! It is surrounded on each side with railings and high netting, so don’t worry, you won’t fall off. It only took the Swiss five months to build the Titlis bridge, and it cost the Swiss a bundle – about 1.5 million Euros.

To get to the Mount Titlis Cliff Walk. you’re going to take a ride up three famous cable car routes. You’ll begin in Engelberg and ride a cable car to Gerschnialp, the first ski slope on Titlis. You’ll take a second cable car from Gerschnialp, unless you want to stop and ski for a while, to the Titlis Rotair cable car. This is the last cable car to get you to the bridge, and it rotates while you’re riding it so you can see the Alps with 360-degree panoramic views. The cable car rides take approximately 40 minutes in total.

Once you exit the Titlis Rotair, you can tackle the suspension bridge and be one of many who can boast that they cliff-walked in Switzerland! If you are afraid to tackle the cliff walk, why not take the cable car rides anyway? They give you breathtaking views of one of Switzerland’s most famous Alps. In addition to cliff-walking, Mount Titlis also offers skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, and mountain biking – but you can cliff-walk in Switzerland all year round!



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