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Cinecittà World Amusement Park Highlights

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Is Federico Fellini one of your favourite directors? Would adventuring with Indiana Jones be a dream come true? Then it seems you are a movie buff and have we got the right place for you to visit! Rome’s Cinecittà World! It’s a spectacular theme park in Rome, where you will live and breathe the magic of Italian movies!

Cinecittà World is just 15 km away from the city center, so a day out to this huge theme park is the perfect adventure attraction, once you’ve checked off everything from your sightseeing list.

4 Reasons to visit Cinecittà World

Interested in a taste of Roman history?

You can feel like a Roman soldier at Cinecittà World and live the epic battle of Actium Ride. This is one boat ride with friends you will never forget. Get ready to meet the fascinating queen Cleopatra and her ruthless lover Antonio at the end of Aktium, an incredible water ride that will leave you, well… breathless!

Spaceships, intergalactic cruises and aliens are your thing?

Then don’t miss the Altair CCW-0204 ride! You will be part of the crew of a space ship on a mission to planet Earth – 4000 years ago! Yes, humans left the planet to colonize other planets of the Alpha Centauri system and now they’re back to their native land. But there’s only one problem – someone else is now living on the planet… will the new race be friend or foe? You’ll only find out on the Altair CCW-0204 ride!

Travelling with children?

If your children are always curious and ask a lot of questions –then they will love to know what happens behind the camera. Let them play in Il Proiettore Incantato and learn about movies in this colourful multilevel playground. You may have a cinephile on your hands once the day is through!

And for a little entertainment…

Cinecittà World also offers amazing live shows with performers, dancers and actors that surround you while you make your way through the park. You’ll feel like you’re walking in the middle of your favourite movie! The entrance of the park is itself a show – fire-breathing dancers and the dangerous monster Moloch will let you in, while Cinecittà Street takes you to New York, back to 1920 – gangsters, Charleston dancers and street bands will welcome you in a true-to-life re-enactment. Stay till the end of the day for the grand finale in Piazza Dino De Laurentiis and see all the performers gather to dance together and bid goodbye to the visitors in a spectacular show!


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  1. Ammie Souza says:
    September 23rd, 2014 at 14:59

    Roller coaster is one best thrilling fun I ever had. I always look for places where I can go for it. Thanks for sharing it.

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