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How to Celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas, NV

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

If you are not a stickler for all things natural then Las Vegas is a great place to celebrate Christmas.

This city of illusions proves itself as the weaver of magic and dreams during this time of the year like it never does at any other time. While walking outside on the strip might seem like you are in a time warp with nothing Christmas-y about the city, inside any one of the several hotels the scene is completely different. Artificial these winter wonderlands may be, but a lack of splendor and opulence wouldn’t be its fault. You can enjoy this city whether you plan ahead or make this a last minute trip, though if you are the former kind of tourist you are bound to enjoy much more for a much smaller hit on your pocket. Air tickets rates take a sharp upturn, hotel rates are higher the closer you are to the holiday season when making the booking. That being said, the list of things you can enjoy without paying a dime is pretty long.

Kids’ winter wonderland

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is actually a great place to vacation with kids during Christmas. For one, it is the only place where all shops, all restaurants, everything is open during Christmas. If you can manage a room at Circus Circus then you might not even have to leave the hotel at all during your entire vacation. Such a Christmas playground this hotel turns into! There are beautifully decorated Christmas trees in every hotel, each outshining the other. Also a must is a trip to Henderson, Nevada, a short distance from the glitter of the Las Vegas strip. The Chocolate Wonderland put up every year at the Ethel M chocolate Factory is every kids’ dream come to life. Other than the half a million lights and more that light up the cactus garden, the decorations feature chocolate houses and chocolate sculptures. This is also one of the best places for a tête-à-tête with Santa Claus that is an essential Christmas ritual if you are the size that can fit on Santa’s lap.

For those who are kids only at heart

This city allows for varied romantic possibilities the way no other place can. Witness the fountains at Bellagio dancing to Christmas tunes or step into the Atrium there to see splendid decoration. Drift on a gondola, or hold hands and walk through the streets of Paris! This year is the special opening of the Aria Resort and Casino. The worlds’ greatest shopping experience receives another boost this holiday season with the opening of Crystals at City Center so go ahead and shop till you drop. The Winter Lights festival at the Springs Preserve is also an experience not to be missed. And please book ahead to see at least one of the several special holiday shows.

Prepare to have a wonderful holiday in  Las Vegas. Dress warm and dream big!

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Photo of Christmas tree on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, by Roadsidepictures

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