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Nightlife Hotspots of Cancun

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The coastal city of Cancun lies on the northeastern corner of the Mexican Caribbean and is one of the more popular vacation destinations of the Yucatan Peninsula.  The peak visiting season occurs between December and April which is evidenced by the dramatic increase in airline fares and hotel prices so you might want to take that into consideration if you are planning on vacationing there during those months. And it is best to book an accommodation as per your budget in advance if you intend staying for a while.

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One of Cancun’s major draws aside from all the beach resorts that you will find in the area is the nightlife.  The city is extremely popular as an international party destination as well, hence it draws an amazing number of younger tourists from all around the world.  With this is mind, the following should give you an idea of the best nightlife hotspots of Cancun to party at when you are visiting the area.

Playboy Club and Casino – an alternative to the club scene, this is the only full-fledged casino in Cancun.  It features blackjack and roulette gaming tables and of course, the world famous “bunnies” that the Playboy Club is known for worldwide.  Although drinks are usually free in the US, as long as you keep gambling, that is not the case here in Cancun.

Basic – a multi-level dance club that has been designed to look almost like some kind of spacecraft that hovers over a lagoon.  Wednesday nights is always the busiest as that is when they hold their weekly “wet t-shirt” contest.  The unique feature of this club is the water jets positioned in the middle of the dance floor.  And yes, if you are dancing to close to them, you will get soaked.

Mandela – one of the newest clubs in Cancun, this smaller but very beautiful venue has rapidly become one of the more popular hotspots in the city.  The décor is Indian-inspired with lush fabrics and rich, vibrant colors.  This should immediately tell you that you are not in the local run-of-the-mill type club and cocktail lounge.

Sweet Club – it’s all about male hot body contests, performances by the entertainment staff employed by the bar, and weekly bikini competitions here at the Sweet Club.  For the younger crowd of locals and visitors, this is what makes this particular club more fun and entertaining than others in the area.  The elevated dance floor and neon lighting combined with a DJ who plays a lively combination of hip hop, Latin music, and rock n’ roll make this the club to party in.


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Nightlife Hotspots of Cancun

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