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Enjoy a Summer Holiday in the Canary Islands

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The Canary Islands is a pearl that took birth in the very heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rising from the ocean crust in the Jurassic period these volcanic islands rose to the surface over the next many eras. The seven major islands together are a part of the Macaronesia eco-region so while vacationing in the Canary Islands; you can view some of the most unique geo-biography anywhere in the world.

From the thrill of watching exotic birds and plants to experiencing a, very rare in modern Europe, camel ride through the sand dunes a vacation here will be truly memorable. The islands do not only offer the exotic and the atypical though. There are beautiful beaches, great hiking trails, golf resorts, the best sea food restaurants that serve authentic Canarian cuisine and just so much more. With every island so different from the other this is definitely a vacation for every member of the family, irrespective of their personality and their likes and dislikes.


In this one island alone you can enjoy two completely diverse climates. The North of the mountain range that almost perfectly bisects the island, feels like a tropical paradise. Palm trees sway in the cool breeze as the smell of banana trees permeate everything. The southern half is an arid desert. Mount Teide with its volcanic crater is the highest volcano in the world outside of Hawaii. A cable car ride to the top of this crater and across offers a breathtaking sight. From the ‘Noses of Teide’ which are lava formations on Mount Teide to volcanic sand beaches to the man-made golden beach of Playa de Las Teresitas the things to see are many. Though more for those really comfortable in their walking shoes, a unique geographical feature is, what is known as, Paisaje Lunar or the lunar landscape.

When you have had enough of nature, though that is very difficult here, head to the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife for some great architectural examples, be it homes, offices or churches. The step Pyramids at Güimar had been dismissed by many but are now accepted as authentic pyramids built along the same principles as their more famous counterparts.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is another one of the Canary Islands that is again a continent in miniature. From snow capped peaks to sunny beaches. Its capital Las Palmas is the most vibrant city in the Islands. History, architecture and shopping are all at their best here. Columbus’ house before his exploration of the New World is now a museum and a great place to visit. There is also a vibrant restaurant and night life. From bustling capital to the idyllic Canarian city of Teror, this is the best place to relax any jagged nerves. With a church dating back to the eighteenth century, typical wooden balconies everywhere and a Sunday market that almost brings the entire island to this city No tourist should miss a visit here. The Cruz de Tejeda is another popular tourist destination.

Photo of beach in Gran Canaria, Spain, by Dan Kamminga

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