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Canal Cruises of Amsterdam, Holland

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Taking a canal cruise at night adds an extra layer of beauty to this phenomenal city.

Canal CruisesPhoto By: Runner310 (Flickr)

Canal Cruises of Amsterdam, Holland
Hey everybody! We’re still hanging out in Amsterdam because it’s such an amazing city and there is so much to do that my last post couldn’t possibly cover it all. One of the things I talked about in my last post was the 165 canals that make their way through Amsterdam. These waterways are truly a sight to see. Not only are they cool in and of themselves, but some of Amsterdam’s best artwork, shops, bars, and cafes line their streets. But we’re talking canals, which means water, which means we’re taking a canal cruise of Amsterdam!

The Architecture of Amsterdam
One of the things that makes an Amsterdam canal cruise so spectacular is it gives you a glimpse into what put Amsterdam on the map. The city has been developing its canal system, called the “canal ring,” since the 17th century. The canal system has always had one purpose: to establish and build Amsterdam’s trade and transport industry. Taking of cruise of the canal ring gives visitors a history of how Amsterdam has grown into the world-class city it is today, by expanding upon its organic canal space and reorganizing land mass. Amsterdam’s architecture has truly grown by taking strategic advantage of its unique landscape and association with the sea.

For All You Listed Site Tourists
UNESCO is so impressed with Amsterdam’s canal ring that it added it to its World Heritage List in 2010. If you’re a traveler on a mission to see as many named sites worldwide as you can, you need to take an Amsterdam canal cruise so you can cross this location off of your list. Sure, you can go see the Seven Wonders of the World… along with a gazillion other people! Why not do something truly eclectic and fun and visit this world-listed site instead! You’ll discover a wonderfully unique way to see a large city.

The Canals Aren’t Just Historical
Aside from the historical aspect of the canals themselves, many people take a canal cruise of Amsterdam because it offers easy access to many of the city’s other important landmarks. You’ll cruise by, and have the option to stop if you wish (depending on the tickets you buy), and see the Anne Frank House, where the Jewish teen hid from the Nazis during World War II. You’ll see the Westerkerk, the first protestant church built in Amsterdam in 1631; and, for those of you into some quirky sightseeing, you’ll see a house that has earned distinction in Amsterdam because it’s the narrowest house with a width of 3 feet and 3 inches; maybe not historical, but funky and worth seeing nonetheless!

Get Your Bearings
Another reason why many take a canal cruise while visiting Amsterdam is there’s just no better way to get your bearings about you. A lot of people feel slightly intimidated when visiting a strange place, but the canal cruise will put you right at ease. The canals pass through many of Amsterdam’s key districts, so you’ll be able to see what’s where from the comfort of the guided boat. Taking the cruise is a lot more fun than getting your bearings by touring the city by bus… BORING!

Come on, Guys! Step it up!
One of the things that people, both visitors and locals, love to do is take a canal dinner cruise. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal while cruising a beautiful city at night. Pay attention, guys! This is a great idea if you’re planning, or should be planning, to pop the question to that special someone. Talk about a memorable proposal that she’ll tell EVERYONE about! Cruising the canals offers amazing views of Amsterdam and its centuries-old architecture. Add on top of that a delicious meal and some major BLING, and she’s sure to say “yes.”

Join in the Fun
The canals also provide the perfect venue for several annual Amsterdam events. Like many other European countries, Amsterdam has royalty, and every April people flock to the canals to celebrate King’s Day in honor of its current monarch, King Willem-Alexander. If you want to party and celebrate gay pride, hit the canals in August for Amsterdam’s annual Gay Pride Celebration. Don’t leave the canals after the Gay Pride Celebration, however, because toward the end of August, the canals host the annual Grachtenfestival, which appropriately means “canal festival.” Classical is the musical genre of choice, and people are found on and off the water soaking in the performances.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to take a canal cruise, the fact remains that this is a one-of-a-kind and truly remarkable way to see the amazing city of Amsterdam. There really is nothing like Amsterdam’s canal ring anywhere else in the world. So, grab your water wings and book an Amsterdam canal cruise while in the Netherlands. You won’t regret it!


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