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Three Mixed Thermal Baths of Budapest

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Budapest is endowed with natural hot water springs. A number of thermal baths are built to take full advantage of curative properties of these springs. Generally, the thermal bath water consists of fluoride ions, sodium, sulphate chloride, hydrogen carbonate, magnesium and calcium. These baths could help in treating damaged joints, degenerative diseases, neuralgia, vertebral disc dislocation and semi-acute arthritis. Temperature of the water varies between 21 degree Celsius and 78 degree Celsius.  Some of these baths are gorgeous. Well-maintained public amenities ensure privacy and cleanliness. The city has both gender-specific and mixed baths. There is an entry fee to the baths, but discounted rates are available in the late evenings. This winter, spend leisure with friends and family or alone in the closest bath to your home or hotel.

photo by Vironevaeh

The Gellert Baths, a lovely bath complex near Liberty Bridge, features a Jacuzzi of 1934, wave pool of 1927, nine therapy pools, one thermal pool, and one pool for children. Authentic Art Nouveau equipment and furniture, statues, stained-glass windows, marble columns and vibrant mosaics add to its lively ambiance.  The bath remains closed on Sundays. The full entry fee ranges from HUF 3,600 to 4,050 (EUR 13-15). If you leave after two hours, the Gellert will refund HUF 300.00.

The Rudas Thermal Bath, a seventeenth century radioactive bath near Elisabeth Bridge, boasts an octagonal pool with a huge dome, outpatient hospital, a drinking hall, therapeutic swimming facility and sauna. The drinking hall offers water from three springs- Attlia, Hungaria and Juventus- to treat various medical conditions. The Rudas, housed in a Turkish style building, charges from HUF 2,800 to 3,300 towards entry fee.

The largest Hungarian bath Szechenyi is on the Pest side of the city. It has three pools that operate in summer and winter. The building of early twentieth century has two parts: spa and lido. Three different bath cultures are represented here: saunas, plunge pools and sweating pools inspired by Northern bath culture, tub baths from Greek and bright pool halls in line with the Roman bath culture. Medicinal water is sold in the drinking hall. A 970-meter deep artesian well produces medicinal water with temperatures as high as 74 degree Celsius. Here, you will find bathers playing chess in the water.  Full fee varies between HUF 3,100 and 3,650.


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