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Best Desserts in Budapest

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Budapest is Hungary’s capital and is by far the most popular tourist destination in the country as well as one of the top travel destinations in Europe.  The city entices international travelers for a number of reasons – the architecture, culture, and history being the primary reasons.  However, you don’t want to forget about the Hungarian cuisine which is also a major draw for a lot of tourists as well.

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When it comes to the cuisine, many international travelers occasionally overlook the fact that Hungary is well known for their unique desserts and other sweet treats that you can find in a number of different locations throughout the city.  One of the first establishments that you should search out is the many Cukrászdas found in the city.  Cukrászdas loosely translates as either a café, a confectionary, or a patisserie.  However, this is one of the more popular dessert havens in Hungary.

Dobos Torta – named after its creator, this 5-layer sponge cake is thickly layered with a chocolate and buttercream mixture and topped with thin slices of caramel.  Occasionally, the sides of the cake will be adorned with almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts, or walnuts.

Rétes – a different twist on the more common strudel, it has been popular since the 18th century beginning with the Habsburg Empire.

Esterházy cake – although the cake comes from Austria, it is very popular throughout Hungary and Budapest is no exception.  The layers of the pastry were originally created using almonds, sugar, and whipped egg whites with and egg cream/vanilla topping.  Today, most Budapest locals substitute walnuts for almonds.

Törökméz – cooked with egg whites, honey, sugar, and walnut bits, this is a white nougat paste that is very sticky and sweet.  This is then layered between two wafer sheets and then served warmed and fresh.

Lekváros tekercs – a soft sponge cake that is rolled up and then filled with different jams depending on taste preferences.

Gesztenyepüré – the main ingredients of this tasty treat are sweet chestnuts that are cooked and mashed, rum, and sugar.  Once it is baked, it is topped with whipped cream.

Kürtőskalács – also known as chimney cake or stove cake, the dessert is actually cooked over an open flame.  This is renowned as Hungary’s most famous and oldest dessert treat.

Csöröge – properly described as Angel Wing fry cookies, this Hungarian dessert is crispy and light in nature is made using yeast dough fried into a thin cookie and then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Kenyér – a Hungarian sweet bread that is usually baked fresh every day in the different bakeries and pastry shops.  In many cases, the bread is coated and referred to as Bundás kenyér of coated bread.  It is similar to French toast and served as a breakfast food.


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  1. Gabriella Lai says via Facebook:
    December 9th, 2011 at 18:35

    I love Dobos Cake: it is delicious!

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