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Brussels Pubs and Cocktail Bars

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Brussels serves as the capital of Belgium and also the de facto capital of the EU (European Union).  Additionally, it is the chief cultural, economic, financial, and historical hub of the country.  But Brussels is also a popular destination for nightlife aficionados for international travelers.  Like Germany, the beers and cocktails found in Brussels are nothing short of excellent and so are the different venues that serve them.  Here are our choices for the best Brussels pubs and cocktail bars.

Brussels Belgium Night

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Brasserie De l’Union – if you want to enjoy a true pub atmosphere to relax and imbibe in, this is the place.  The big, older wooden bar as well as the wooden chairs and tables create a pub ambience unlike any other location in the city.  It is comfortable and warm as well as being a come-as-you-are (no dress code) setting.

À La Mort Subite – recognized as one of the Brussels cafés par excellence, this pub was originally opened in 1927 and has been operating ever since with the same décor and charm that it has become famous for.  The clientele is oftentimes eclectic but it is still a must-visit pub while enjoying the city of Brussels.

The Monk – if you prefer a pub that caters to the younger crowd, The Monk is the place for you to enjoy an evening in.  The large bar surrounded by the dark wood and mirror covered walls are sure to provide any visitor with a comforting and warm atmosphere while you enjoy some of the best beers that Belgium has to offer.

Cocktail Bars

Crystal Lounge – totally prestigious and upscale, this lounge is located in the heart of the Brussels Louise district.  The lighting, musical atmosphere, and service are the key features of the Crystal Lounge.  No matter what time of the day you venture into this establishment, you are sure to be rewarded with a unique yet pleasant experience.

Le Tavernier – the most popular cocktail bars on the Cimétière d’Ixelles-Begraafplaats van Elsene strip outside the center of town.  It is situated near the student campus so you can expect a younger, livelier crowd during peak business hours.  Live music is available on certain nights during the week which adds to the excitement factor of this establishment.

The Botanique – if its great pop and rock music that you crave, you won’t want to miss visiting this establishment when you are in Brussels.  The place is well-known for its experimental nature with various music styles as well.

Mappa Mundo – definitely one of the trendier cocktail bar/café venues in the city.  You can be assured of spending an evening in a great drinking atmosphere which is quite popular with the younger Eurocrats, international travelers, and interns.

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