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Top 5 things to do in Brighton, UK

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Brighton, UK

Most people go to Brighton, UK, for a day-trip or a weekend getaway, so have a short amount of time to cram a lot in.

Here are my top 5 attractions not to miss out when visiting Brighton:

1. Go for shopping in North Laine

The North Laine area of Brighton is always vibrant and exciting, especially at weekends. More independent shops, cafes, and bars line four small streets than exist in most other cities. You can shop for anything – from alternative clothes, music, food and books to organic shoes, tattoos and fancy dress outfits. When you need sustenance the choice is again very wide – greasy breakfasts, gourmet burgers, Indian food, and pizzas, as well as numerous coffee houses, juice bars and pubs. On a sunny weekend, the North Laine is the place to be (second to Brighton Beach of course), when the streets are pedestrianized and people come from all over to sit outside at their café of choice. Brighton wouldn’t be the same without it.

2. Eat oysters and tapas in South Laine

Despite lying just over the road, the South Lanes differ dramatically from the North Laine. The series of winding alleys are home to a range of more up-market shops and cafes. Although this is where people come to shop for jewelery and eat oysters and tapas, that shouldn’t put you off if you’re on a bit more of a budget holiday – the lanes are a really nice place to let lost in on your way from the North Laine to the sea.

3. Visit Brighton Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence dating back to the early 1800s that bears more resemblance to a wedding cake than a castle! Its exotic architecture is home to an array of state rooms that you can visit. Alternatively, you can find a spot in the Pavilion Gardens amongst numerous buskers (who are actually usually pretty good jazz musicians rather than men with guitars bashing out Coldplay) along with everyone else and admire the architecture from there.

4. Drink a pint of beer in a local pub

Find a pub nestled in the North Laine area and order a pint of Harveys ale, which is brewed in nearby Lewes.

5. Stroll along Brighton beach.

Take a walk along Brighton beach. I’d suggest starting off at the Mock Turtle, an old fashioned tea shop in Pool Valley for a tea and cake and then walking it off via the new pier for some tacky seaside fun. Walking along the beach and past the beautiful skeletal old pier, you’ll pass some really stunning regency architecture, as well as Embassy Court – a newly refurbished 1930s apartment building. If you’re feeling active, I’d recommend walking further down the beach promenade into Hove where you’ll pass brightly colored beach huts which are used daily and some even inhabited by celebrities. Shortly after the beach huts, you’ll come across Marrocco’s Pizza – a family run café right on the beach. Although neither the menu nor the decor seem to have changed much in 40 years, that’s not such a bad thing. It has a very friendly atmosphere and sell delicious pizzas, ice creams and coffees. A welcome reward!

Photo of Brighton Beach originally posted by Mikelo


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