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A Guide to Breaking Up on Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Breaking up with someone you had once loved dearly is never easy, but to do it on a day dedicated to love makes it even harder. It may appear a bit odd to break free from the love bond on Valentine’s Day, but you can go ahead with the breaking up process if you polish your strategies and few tips. A Guide to Breaking up on Valentine’s Day is here to help you cut off the bond of love without being impolite, rude and yet successful in breaking free from your partner.

how to break up(photo by: Cristina L. F.)

Have a Genuine Reason for Breaking Up

Analyze the reasons why you do not want to be in love with your partner. Come up with convincing and plausible reasons to show your partner that there is no future for your relationship. Explain to your partner in many ways why breaking up on Valentine’s Day is much better for both of you rather than a later date.

Give Positive Explanation

Logical explanations important, instead of giving unbelievable excuses that may end up annoying your partner more. It is better to be honest when explaining the reasons for breaking up on Valentine’s Day and ending your relationship on a positive and healthy note than leaving it on bitter and argumentative note.

Choose an Unromantic Location

Unfortunately, romance is even sprinkled everywhere on valentine’s day, so finding unromantic area may be slightly difficult. Avoid romantic hotels in Paris where you will have to see couples celebrating and nuzzling. Also avoid places like cafes, movies, historical monuments, beach and statues with romantic connotations. The only safe place for breaking up on Valentine’s Day is outer space like Community Park or any other public area that is not full of happy couples and big red hearts and roses splashed allover the landscape.

Reach on Time and Stick to Your Decision

Be respectful and arrive on time, ready to get down to business. If you partner is late, allow at least 15 minutes and then either send a text or call to confirm that you will be having a meeting. During breaking up on Valentine’s Day, do not allow the reaction of your partner to sway your resolve. Mean your words.

Even though Valentine’s Day is actually not the right day to break up, ending the relationship will finally be the best thing for both of you. How else can you do it in a romantic way? You are not the only partners breaking love bond this holiday.


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