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5 Top Tips for Visitors to Boston

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Boston has a cult following among many who believe that the attractions of New England and its main city far outweigh those of major rivals on the Unites States East coast. It is certainly true that Boston has a character that is unique in a country where major cities are becoming ever more alike. This is probably why Boston is gradually becoming more popular as news of its charms spread, especially among European travellers looking for new places to explore on the eastern seaboard.

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The first tip for would be visitors to Boston is to avoid going in winter. The city looks beautiful under its blanket of snow and for about three hours you will be intensely happy that you came at this magical time of year. Then you will start to notice the cold and it will seem to get colder and more pervasive over the length of your trip until you want to curl up in your warm hotel room and never go outside again. This is unfortunate. The city is still a wonderful place in winter but unless you have a specific reason to visit then, try and plan to come in one of the other three seasons.

Most American cities are built on a grid system which, although lacking in character, do make it easy to find ones way around. Because of Boston’s age and organic growth it is not built on a grid system but more a tangled web of streets similar to the ones in older British cities. This is doubtless one of the factors that gives the city such an appealing character but it also makes it very easy for anyone unfamiliar to get lost. Take a map to minimise this risk.

Visitors should try and make time for a day trip to Cambridge, a town just outside Boston, which is home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard universities, two of the best educational establishments in the world. The college town is worth a visit in its own right, some of the architecture is spectacular, but the museums attached to the universities and make it especially interesting.

The north-eastern coast of the United States is famous for its seafood and visitors should definitely try some during their visit. Cod, clam chowder and Maine lobsters are all local delicacies that can be sampled at various traditional style restaurants in the city. Ask locals for their recommendations to get away from the tourist orientated establishments where the prices tend to be higher but the quality lower.

Anyone with a detailed knowledge of American society and culture should be familiar with the names Red Sox, Celtics or Patriots. They are respectively baseball, basketball and American football teams located in or near Boston. Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, is considered hallowed ground by many Americans. Visitors can steep themselves in some all American family fun by attending a game of any of the teams depending on the season.


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