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4 Fascinating Wine Bars in Bordeaux, France

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Maintaining the grace first established in the 1700’s, the city of Bordeaux, France brings with it a charm that is indicative of its lush countryside, culture, and history.

Wine Bar in Bordeaux, France

The largest city in southwestern France is also famous on a global scale for being part of the most renowned wine producing region in the world. Despite the fact that the city appears to be void of significant urban design and plans, this oftentimes goes unnoticed because of the spectacular countryside surrounding the city.

Vacationing in Bordeaux should never be a disappointment, especially if you travel there to visit the numerous vineyards and sample the rich red wines that the region is famous for. Not only is the surrounding countryside some of the most beautiful in all of France and Western Europe, you will not have a problem choosing comfortable accommodations and enjoying the different nightlife venues that this populous city has to offer.

In addition to touring the many vineyards, visiting the numerous wineries, and sampling some of the most delicious wines available anywhere in the world, you can also find a number of true wine bars in Bordeaux to experience. Typically, the ones that are geared to the slightly older less “techno” oriented crowds are the ones where you can enjoy relaxed dining as well as your favorite red wine produced locally. The following is a listing of the best wine bars in Bordeaux.

Le Wine Bar

The décor in this establishment is most accurately described using three words – comfortable, simple, and warm. The quieter atmosphere allows you to forget that you are in the busiest city in southwestern France as you relax and enjoy a variety of locally produced red wines.

Le Blueberry

Despite being a smaller venue compared to most in the city, you will not be disappointed if you choose to enter this establishment that is well-known for its wine assortment. Additionally, you will find a wide array of wine cocktails to choose from as well. The atmosphere is serene and the piped-in music is soothing.

Grand Bar Castan

A combination of a tasteful décor and an ideal location make this establishment one that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Bordeaux. It is one of the oldest cafes in France and the wine bar is a recently added amenity. The atmosphere is relatively quiet and the garden terrace provides you with just the relaxation you are looking for after a busy day touring the city.


One of the more popular wine bars/restaurants  in Bordeaux. You can enjoy dining inside or on the terrace over looking the river that meanders through the heart of the city. If the weather keeps you indoors, the wine bar is warm and relaxing, and the menu is sure to please.

Photo of bottles of red wine, Bordeaux, France by filtran

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