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10 Must Haves for Black Friday 2013

Monday, October 28th, 2013

As Black Friday looms large on the horizon, many of you will be wondering how to procure those last minute deals whilst still maintaining your sanity and full use of all your limbs. Forget Halloween or full moons, this is the day many shopaholics truly show their fangs!

Cyber Monday(foto: Robert S. Donovan)

But it doesn’t have to be a horror-show; all you have to do is be prepared. If you’re going to get the best deals then you’re going to have to camp out. This takes a bit of thought, but you needn’t concern yourself with such taxing activities as that as we’ve done all the work for you. Here are the 10 essential Black Friday accompaniments, now you can focus solely on the shopping.

1) A tent – essential if God and his band of weathermen decide it’s not going to be your day. Not only is it essential if you’re going to camp out in front of your favourite shop (a sure fire way to get the best deals), it’s also handy if you’re mid queue and fancy a snooze in private.

2) Water bottles. The benefits of water hydration are known to us all, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to pack some H2O for the long queues.

3) A Waterproof Jacket. The Indian summer was never going to last this long and cats and dogs have a tendency to fall from the sky at this time of year, especially, as Murphy’s Law states, when you have to stand unsheltered and exposed to the elements for hours at a time.

4) Warm clothing. It’s not the season for wandering around in a mini-skirt or a torso hugging tee, be practical and wrap up warm as it sure isn’t going to be too sultry out there. Think gloves, scarf, beanie and blanket.

5) Cards. You’re going to get a little bored after a while – but a hand or two of cards could liven things up a bit. Gambling optional (could be an expensive day!).

6) Your tablet/laptop/e-reader. You don’t want to be left with the scraps come Cyber Monday, keep a beady eye on internet bargains and strike ruthlessly when you spot a deal. Trigger finger at the ready!

7) Your mobile phone (duh!). You may be operating in teams – it’s essential to have immediate contact with other agents deployed at different venues, this way you can exchange intel on where the best deals are. Walkie-Talkies an optional addition in the event of poor coverage.

8) A fold our chair. Aaah yeah, doesn’t it feel good to sit down? You’re going to need to rest those legs if you’re cueing for hours, though you may draw some envious stares from other shoppers, who are already hyped up for the impending shopathon. Which brings us nicely to our next item…

9) Pepper spray. To be used at the owners discretion. Perfect for fending off potential bargain bandits and frothing zombie shoppers. (Though you may well end up in jail, so perhaps not such a good idea after all!)

10) A friend. Beg, borrow or steal a friend as they will help you get through the long hours in the queue. They provide excellent moral support when despair sets and they can also help you see sense when your normally shrewd eye for a bargain wanders – perhaps that chocolate teapot does not have quite the longevity you initially thought!

We hope that this must haves help you make the most out of Black Friday, with these 10 essentials you’re sure to have a smooth and fruitful day’s shopping, just promise us you’ll go easy with the pepper spray okay? ;) Happy shopping!

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