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World’s Biggest Christmas Tree? That’s right, it’s in Gubbio, Italy

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Think of all the Christmas trees you have ever seen; they were exciting, beautiful and inspiring right? Well, forget them because you haven’t seen anything yet. Brace yourself for the mother of all Christmas trees, the Mount Ingino Christmas tree. Yes, this is the biggest Christmas tree in the world and visitors flock to Gubbio, Italy every year to gaze upon its wonder.

biggest christmas tree in the world(photo by: Elisabeth)

So grandiose is the tree that it was officially recognised in 1991 by the Guiness Book of World Records. When you stare at the tree, you can easily see why it deserves the title. The colossal tree towers above Gubbio at a head-spinning height of 650 metres and is 350 metres wide. Over 8 kilometres of electric cabling and 3,000 coloured lights help create the impressive illumination that can be seen from 50 kilometres away.

The lighting takes hundreds of volunteers about three months to complete. This is clearly no mean feat, but the results are worth it. Volunteers come from all over Italy and even tourists from around the world take part. You can also join in the festive mood by taking part in the preparation and lending a helping hand.

The lighting ceremony begins on December 7th at 6.30 pm and the tree stays lit till January 6th. If you are wondering about the amount of electricity used, you would be interested to know that solar power has been used for lighting since 2010. So significant is the event that in 2011, the Pope himself lit up the tree remotely using a computer tablet from the Vatican!

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