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Best Restaurants in Utrecht, Netherlands

Friday, September 4th, 2009

One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and widely known for its churches, is Utrecht.

Take time to venture along Wittevrouwensingel – the city’s main street – or the Oudegracht (a.k.a. the old canal). Church bells are certain to be tolling, depending on the time of day that you venture down these well-walked streets. There is a lot that can be said about the other major cities in the country – Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam – but Utrecht is a must-visit destination while in the Netherlands.

The restaurant venue will astound you with both local and international cuisine featured on numerous menus in the city. Utrecht offers a wide array options for dining out so you can grab a burger, eat falafel or dine on shawarma if you feel like it. With the assortment of venues in the city, there is something for every palate. The following is a list of the more commonly recommended restaurants in Utrecht.

  • Oudaen

One of the classier restaurants in Utrecht where ambiance and charm is concerned. The restaurant is actually situated within a 13th century castle. The bar and dining room is the location of where the knights of the castle used to commune after a long day of doing battle and protecting the kingdom. The restaurant is a bit pricey compared to others, but the cuisine is sure to please.

  • Havana

Cuban atmosphere to go with the same cuisine. The establishment is more casual and relaxing than some of the other restaurants in the area. The serving staff is extremely friendly and bends over backwards especially for UK and US visitors. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, the tables are removed at 11:00 for dancing purposes and live entertainment.

  • Mi Madre

One of the first things you (or more likely your nose) will notice is that the air in this restaurant is inundated with the aroma of garlic, a typical addition to most Spanish entrees. It can get a little strong, so if garlic is not for you, then you would be wise to find another dining establishment. If, however, this is not an issue, and you are craving true Spanish cuisine at its finest anywhere outside of Spain, this restaurant is a must-visit destination while in Utrecht.

  • Mikonos

A fine Greek restaurant with a very full menu of choices to indulge in. The mixed grill faire with a dinner salad and some Ouzo comes highly recommended when dining here. Additionally, the restaurant has one of the most efficient and friendliest serving staffs anywhere in the city.

  • De Bakkerswinkel Café

This is one of the best stops for breakfast and lunch in Utrecht and is located right off Dam Square. Despite having a longer wait than usual at other area cafes, the wait here is well worth it.

Top Utrecht Hotels with a Restaurant:

Photo of pieces of cakes at De Bakkerswinkel Café, Utrecht, Netherlands, by Lukas Vermeer

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  1. Peter says:
    September 6th, 2009 at 02:22

    I am from Holland and didnt know Utrecht is famous because of the churches. lol

    Utrecht also known as Shoe city. Lots of shoe stores in there.

    Nice article! :)

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