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Best Traditional Restaurants in Sardinia

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Agriculture and sheep farming have always been the basis of Sardinian economy. Since ancient times, people have lived in the up-countries, tilling and living on the fruits on their labour, in an archaic and simple society which has always assigned a big dignity to workers. The beautiful sea has been discovered and reassessed in ’60 and ’70, when people realized the big tourist potential of Sardinia.

Letizia Restaurant Sardinia

This is why the most ancient culinary traditions of Sardinia are linked to inner territories: roasted meat, milk and cheeses, honey, sausages. This is the cuisine of farmers and shepherds, deeply connected to the land. Most recent but with a solid tradition is the cuisine correlated to the sea, typical of seaside towns.

Each town, each area has its own specialty. Here below a top list of some very good traditional restaurants in Sardinia.

Su Gologone

It takes name from the nearby pure water spring of Su Gologone, which is located just a few steps away, inside a big natural park surrounding the Hotel. Su Gologone Restaurant is situated in the luxuriant territory of Oliena, Nuoro, in the heart of Sardinia.

In a familiar atmosphere which recalls ancient times, Su Gologone Restaurant proposes typical dishes of the tradition. You will find home made pasta and roasted meats, accompanied by fresh cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables, all from local productions. The meal is served with a good choice of regional wines, where can’t miss the Nepente, produced in the same Oliena.

Da Nicolo

In the charming seafront of Carloforte, among shops, stands and boutiques, you can easily find the glass windows of Da Nicolo Restaurant. Carloforte is the only town of the small island of San Pietro, in south-western Sardinia. The Restaurant is run by the Chef Luigi Pomata, winner of many prizes thanks to his ability and creativity. The cuisine offered is typical of the island: Cous Cous, maccheroni with pesto, tomatoes and pecorino cheese. Because Carloforte has a particular story, different from the rest of Sardinia, that is worth to be heard. Its cuisine reflects the story and the uniqueness of the people living in this small paradise.

Letizia Restaurant (Nuxis)

If you’re a gourmet, you are suggested to explore the inland of Sulcis area in the search of Letizia Restaurant, in the small town of Nuxis, counting about 1.700 inhabitants. The Restaurant prepares its dishes with fresh local ingredients and genuine products. The recipes come from the traditions but are revisited and modernized. The characteristic of the cuisine is the creativity: original plates are prepared with mushrooms, herbs but also flowers. Here you can choose among, for example, vegetable pie with nettle and mallow, mille-feuille of wild mushrooms and potatoes or ricotta strudel with wild mushrooms and saffron. The desserts are also a hymn to the inventiveness.

Antica Dimora del Gruccione Restaurant (Santu Lussurgiu)

Slow food restaurant in central-western Sardinia. The restaurant is part of the namesake Hotel, situated in a medieval town of about 2.500 inhabitants, Santu Lussurgiu, rich in history and folkloristic traditions. Dishes are prepared according to the seasonality, always using fresh local ingredients. On request, the restaurant provides a vegetarian menu, always based on slow food concept and prepared with products from Montiferru, the historic region where the town is located.

Da Franco (Palau)

Refined restaurant in Palau, northern Sardinia, a few steps from the Costa Azzurra, main centre for luxury holidays in the island. Elegancy, accuracy and privacy characterize the restaurant, whose cuisine is mainly focused on fresh sea products fished in Palau. Strength point is the Wine List, among the most complete in Italy, offering the best regional, national and international wines: Sardinian Vermentino, Italian Barolo, and Barbaresco or French wines: it won’t be difficult to find the best one to accompany the chosen dish.

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4 responses to “Best Traditional Restaurants in Sardinia”

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  1. Gabriella Lai says via Facebook:
    March 23rd, 2011 at 18:28

    I agree with the first two, but i do not know the other three

  2. Gourmet Vacation says via Facebook:
    March 23rd, 2011 at 19:01

    Excellent Sardinian wine is Cannonau!

  3. Melissa Mcgowen says via Facebook:
    March 23rd, 2011 at 19:30

    I have spent loads of time in Sardinia. Palau is a lovely little town about a hour or so drive from Porto Cervo,the drive is breath taking and once you get there you may not want to leave..

  4. Giulia says:
    March 24th, 2011 at 11:47

    @Gabriella Great! Try them and then tell me what you think :)
    @GourmetVacation I agree, Cannonau is excellent, and is maybe the most popular Sardinian wine!
    @Melissa Thanks Melissa, I’m glad you have a so sweet souvenir about your stay in Sardinia!

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