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12 Best Places to Buy Souvenirs This Summer

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Summer is the perfect time for ‘spreading your wings’ not to mention bringing back home the coolest souvenirs. Of course, nowadays, you can get almost everything in the country. But it may not be the most authentic or best stuff! Here are the 12 Best Places to Buy Souvenirs This Summer:

best souvenirs to buy(photo by: VeZoul)

1) Paris - Want Bordeaux wine with your meal? Go to Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann for your pick of red or white wine from over 12,000 wine bottles!

2) Rome - Nothing beats buying a bottle of olive oil made from locally pressed high quality olives and filled with herbs. Check in at boutique hotels in Rome and get the size of bottle you want at Franchi.

3) Moscow - Need something decorative for your living room? Go to Old Arbat and buy a unique set of Matryoshka or beautifully painted wooden dolls.

4) Brussels - Brussels is the best place on Earth to buy pralines and chocolates. Did you know Belgian pralines have a hard chocolate coating and fondant filling like liquor, marzipan, butter and whatnot? Get the yummiest chocolates from Mary’s at Galeries Royales St. Hubert or Wittamer & Co at Place du Grand Sablon; for Belgian pralines, make sure they are from Godiva, Neuhaus or Leonidan.

5) Kuala Lumpur – If you yearn for something everlasting, check out the most genuine pewter goods at Central Market, near Kuala Lumpur hotels. Pewter is actually an alloy made mostly of tin with very small percentages of metals like copper. Have a great time choosing from a wide array of the highest grade of pewter items, mugs, vases, tea caddy and more, all with elaborate designs not found anywhere else in the world!

6) Bangkok - Now that you’ve got something for your stomach and home or friends, it is time to pick from the loveliest designs of pure Thai silk. Since the silk fabric is handwoven and made from Thai silkworms, each piece of silk fabric is unique and can’t be found elsewhere! Fall in love with authentic and unique silk products in any of the Jim Thompson outlets in Bangkok.

7) Zurich - What would summer be without the latest cool and trendy plastic watch? Get a swanky Swatch watch for yourself at The Swatch Store in Bahnhofstrasse.

8) Chandigarh - Want something lovely to cover your head from the scorching Sun? Check out phulkari or embroidered head scarves and shawls at Phulkari.

9) Tokyo - Want a full-length traditional cotton robe for summer use? Get Yukata, a cotton kimono together with obi or belt and of course, geta (flip-flop cum clog) at a Shimamura store.

10) Auckland - Ever seen the world’s most beautiful iridescent shell? Check in at Auckland hotels, New Zealand. And get Paua shell jewellery or decorative items at Craftworld.

11) Vienna - Want a masterpiece work of fine art? Check out Augarten porcelain figurines at Augarten store.

12) Rio de Janeiro – What can be better than funky beachwear for the summer? Get authentic Havaianas or 100% Brazilian made flip-flops from Copacana.

Honestly, nothing beats getting authentic items – they are worth every penny. So what do you think of these 12 coolest and authentic souvenirs?


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