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Made in Italy: Best of Italy’s Art Cities

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

One of Italy’s major attractions is the art cities, which characterize most of its cities. These include Rome, Florence, Genoa, Milan and Pisa. They have great architectural monuments that date back to the roman times. A visit to Italy must entail a visit to these exotic places.

art cities in Italy(photo by: floraflorence)

Rome is the capital city of Italy and home to the prestigious Catholic Vatican. It is the perfect place for Catholics to make a lifetime homage to. Why not enlist it in the itinerary for the next time you visit Rome? Some luxury hotels in Rome that one could consider living in during his stay are the Babuino 181, Hotel Hassler, Hotel Majestic Roma and Grand hotel de la Minerve.

Florence is a city associated with romance and love, and most lovebirds visit it to proclaim how incredulously in love they are. The duomo in Florence is one of the most breathtaking sights in the city. It has many historical paintings – not as many as the Uffizi Gallery, though.. One can reside in cheap hotels in Florence with great views of the landscape beyond.

Pisa‘s principal monument is the leaning tower. A popular street leads up to the tower from the train station named Walking Street. It is lined with many statues some of praying people while others are of high- end fashion stars. Some hotels with free breakfast in Pisa are the Hotel Riviera Blu, Hotel Bristol and Abitalia tower plaza.

Genoa is another art city in Italy that has great monuments for tourist and locals alike to marvel at. There are many statues of Christopher Columbus around the city- a tribute to the great son/ philosopher of Genoa. You could consider the following 3 star hotels in Genoa with specially discounted rates for tourists. They are Hotel Iris, Cairoli, Boccascena and Veronese.

Milan is the city of Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore that is a historical as well as religious architectural building. The Milan cathedral/ duomo and the Last Supper are other major attractions that define the historical background of this city. Milan hotels suit all budgets: just choose one and start wandering among all the attractions of this beautiful city!

As an umbrella to the art city trip, you might enjoy residing at the beach hotels in Naples with stunning views of the sea and the beach. From these hotels, you get to enjoy the gentle breeze brushing against your skin as if to welcome you to Italy. These may include but are not limited to Vanderbilt Beach Resort, The Ritz-Carlton- Naples and The Escalante.


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