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Best Food in Naples that Are Not Pizza

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

What to eat in NaplesYou have to eat more than just the fantastic pizza visiting Naples, Italy!(Photo by: Zena C)

No pizza in Naples? Really? Didn’t they invent the modern version of it? Okay, yes, they did and you will not find better pizza anywhere in the world – sorry Chicago and New York. Pizza in Naples is so good that it’s literally brought many to gustatory tears of joy.

So, yes, you must eat pizza while visiting Naples. You must top your pizza off, however, with everything else Naples cuisine has to offer. Why? I kid you not! People travel to Naples just to eat – seriously – because this Italian city is bursting with food and wine coveted throughout the world. What are some of the best foods in Naples that are not pizza? Let’s find out!

Spaghetti, and Pasta, and Parmesan! Oh, My!

You’ll discover amazing traditional and modern incarnations of Italian favorites throughout Naples. Yes, you can eat spaghetti topped with traditional ragù sauce – not the jarred stuff you find at the store – or enjoy a plate of spaghetti alle vongole, which is spaghetti with white wine and clams. Naples also offers other fantastic traditional Italian dishes, such as parmigiana di melanzane, a type of eggplant parmesan. Where can you find some tasty traditional non-pizza Italian food in Naples? Try:

  • La Cantina di Via Sapienza di Formato Gaetano – Say that three times fast! This family-run cantina is known for its delectable eggplant parmesan and fresh seasonal vegetables. The pricing is reasonable and you’ll find the restaurant in the heart of Naples on Via Sapienza.
  • Trattoria Enoteca Campagnola – This inexpensive Naples trattoria offers wonderful spaghetti with seafood dishes and plenty of Italian wine to wash it down with; even the house wine is good at this trattoria. Find Trattoria Enoteca Campagnola on Via Tiburnali.
  • Trattoria Nennella – All of the pasta dishes get rave reviews at the Trattoria Nennella. Located in Naples’ Spanish Quarter, you can pig out on delicious pasta dishes and enjoy seasonal fresh fruit for dessert. The Trattoria Nennella is located on Via Lungo Teatro Nuovo.

From the Deep Blue Sea

Naples is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, so naturally you’ll find plenty of fresh seafood to enjoy after you’ve had its world-famous pizza and pasta. Residents and visitors of Naples alike cannot get enough of the city’s fresh anchovies, clams, cod, mussels, octopus, and squid, many of which are infused into pasta dishes, served in soups and salads, turned into amazing appetizers, or cooked as the main course. You have to eat fresh Tyrrhenian seafood while in Naples. Check out:

  • Da Cicciotto – Located in the Marechiaro fishing village and perched atop a cliff, you’ll find amazing carpaccio antipasto, that’s the Italian version of sushi, and crab dishes amongst other must-eats. You’ll find Da Cicciotto on Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro.
  • Da Giona – If you like to eat your seafood directly on the beach, weather permitting of course, then the Da Giona is your restaurant. Located on Via Dragonara, you can enjoy marinated carpaccio, fried prawns, octopus salad, and spaghetti with clams.
  • Trattoria Castel dell’Ovo – This trattoria is blessed by locals, and I have to admit it does have tons of charm perched in the marina next to all the moored boats. Enjoy fried anchovies, fish soup, and octopus soup at the Via Luculliana trattoria.

And, For Dessert!

Naples is known for more things than just gelato, although you have to try the gelato while you’re visiting this glorious city. Pastries are a big thing in Naples and the Italians take their pastries quite seriously. You’ll find the sweet cakes filled and topped off with wonderful goodies, including fruit and liqueurs! You can enjoy an authentic Italian espresso to counterbalance the sweet if you like. Grab dessert at:

  • Pasticceria Attanasio – Located on Vico Ferrovia in Naples, this pastry shop is known for its sfogliatelle, a clam-shaped pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese. Even The New York Times raved about this Naples gem in a travel feature!
  • Pasticceria Scaturchio – You’ll find Pasticceria Scaturchio on Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. It is also a gelateria, serving refreshing gelato alongside its famous chocolate medallion. What is a chocolate medallion? A chocolate pastry filled with chocolate and liqueur. Enough said!
  • Gran Caffe Cimmino – Located on Via Francesco Petrarca, Naples’ Gran Caffe Cimmino serves a delectable variety of pastries sure to please any sweet tooth. People also rave about the coffee, so you’ll definitely want to eat breakfast here at least once.

Well, as you can see, amazing cuisine in Naples goes far beyond pizza. Whether you are craving a plate of spaghetti, some calamari, or a sweet pastry washed down with an espresso, you’ll find it in Naples. Pack comfortable shoes and clothing, your necessary toiletries and medications, but most importantly pack your appetite. That is what you’ll need the most when visiting Naples, Italy!

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