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Best Food in Barcelona

Friday, April 11th, 2014

You simply must try tapas while in Barcelona!

best food in Barcelona(Photo by: Eric Chan (Flickr)

Best Food in Barcelona

Barcelona is a Spanish city that dates back to the Middle Ages. It was originally Roman, but it’s 100 percent Spanish now. Barcelona is packed with more than 6 million Spaniards, and it’s considered one of the world’s leaders in tourism and economy. What’s so special about Barcelona? Well, a ton of things! But let’s be honest – a city is only as good as its food, and Barcelona is really good when it comes to food! After all, it has a lot of people to feed, so it has to have a lot of great restaurants!

For the Budget-Conscious Traveler

I’m going to start with some fantastic Barcelona eateries for all of you money-conscious travelers. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling on a tight budget or simply want to save all your money for souvenirs – you still have plenty of tasty and delightful food options while visiting Barcelona on a budget. Some notable penny-pinching Barcelona eateries are:

Bacoa: If you are looking for burgers Barcelona-style, then Bacoa Gourmet Burger in Ronda Universitat is the place for you! Bacoa not only offers great burgers, but they also offer them prepared with locally grown ingredients. This means you’ll find some tasty, reasonable, and interesting burgers and toppings. Ever had artichokes on your burger? You should try it!

Cat Bar: I just like the name of this place! Okay, I like the food, too! If you’re a vegan, head on over to Boria and check out the Cat Bar. This restaurant offers the best veggie burger in Barcelona and a ton of great beer. Who says vegans don’t know how to drink and have fun? Armed with a punk-rock spirit, the Cat Bar doesn’t disappoint herbivores, serving great vegan food and drink until closing time.

Himali: Nepali food in Barcelona? Sure, why not! This little gem on Milà i Fontanals takes Barcelona residents and tourists on a quick trip to the Himalayas. Inside the reasonably priced restaurant, you will find Nepali decor and a menu filled with delicious Nepali dishes that will make your mouth water. Don’t panic if you aren’t sure what the food actually is; the staff here is extremely helpful!

La Taqueria: You’re in Spain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tasty Mexican food at a reasonable price. In fact, La Taqueria’s owners call their food “Mexican street food,” and you know what? That means it’s really, really good! Located on Passatge de la Font, La Taqueria offers a classic Mexican ambiance alongside classic Mexican dishes like chicken with mole sauce.

For the Fine Diners

You’re in Barcelona, and you intend to eat like Spanish royalty! Don’t fret: You won’t be disappointed any more than the budget-conscious travelers. Barcelona didn’t make its name as one of the world’s best tourist locations by not accommodating the most sophisticated of palates. Here are some of the finest eateries Barcelona has to offer:

AbaC: Barcelona is located in the Catalonia province of Spain, and ABaC on Avinguda del Tibidabo offers Catalan cuisine with a modern twist. ABaC is considered one of the finest restaurants in Barcelona, and it serves mouth-watering seafood, beef, and poultry dishes in a simple yet elegant environment. The restaurant can only accommodate 56 patrons at one time, so make reservations!

Alkimia: If you’re looking for contemporary gourmet food, head over to Carrer de la Industria and eat at Alkimia, which means “alchemy.” Alkimia chefs have won global praise for their ability to turn innovative cooking into delectable eating. Alkimia does as its name suggests and experiments with different flavors to present patrons with a truly exquisite dining experience.

Els Pescadors: Barcelona is located on the sea, and seafood is a huge part of its cuisine. One of the city’s finest seafood restaurants is Els Pescadors, located on Placa Prim. Els Pescadors means “the fishermen” in Catalan, and the restaurant serves only the best seafood caught directly from the Mediterranean Sea. Of particular note is Els Pescadors’ cod dishes. They’re world-renowned, so make reservations!

Lasarte: Lasarte serves classic Catalan cuisine under the helm of one of Europe’s most famous chefs. As with the rest of restaurants I have mentioned, Lasarte is considered one of Spain’s best eateries. Chef Martin Berasategui offers diners an intimate and high-end culinary experience. Lasarte is located on Carrer de Mallorca and seats only 35 diners at a time. Make reservations well in advance!

Must-Eats, No Matter the Budget

While in Spain, you simply must eat some traditional Spanish tapas, no matter your budget. Spain has made tapas bars famous worldwide, and with good reason. Tapas is served so everyone in your party can enjoy a little bit of everything. Some notable Barcelona tapas bars are:

Cal Pep: Located on Placa de les Olles, it’s best to visit Cap Pep during irregular hours and with reservations. This extremely popular tapas bar is jam-packed during lunch and dinner and offers a unique tapas experience. There isn’t a menu. Your server will ask you what you prefer to eat and then deliver tons of tapas for everyone to enjoy!

Cerveceria Catalana: A local favorite, you’ll find Cerveceria Catalana on Carrer de Mallorca serving classic tapas dishes, such as eggs, potatoes, and brava sauce. The tapas bar isn’t afraid to have a little fun and offers unique tapas dishes like food akin to mini hot dogs, although not quite! This tapas bar gets crowded during dinner hours too, so check it out a little early.

La Flauta: This tapas bar also offers an egg, potato, and brava sauce tapas that your waiter will prepare at your table! Although you really should be eating tapas at this eatery located on Carrer d’Aribau, the menu also gives you some other options, such as a yummy ham, cheese, and date sandwich and an arugula, parmesan, and candied pear salad. I’m getting hungry!

Paco Meralgo: This is a contemporary tapas bar located on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona’s Eixample District. Tapas offerings include seafood dishes using the day’s fresh catches! Locals love this place and its primarily seafood cuisine; its tuna carpaccio is legendary! Of course, you will also find a scrumptious meat, potato ball, and pepper dish for a non-seafood flair.

As you can see, Barcelona is a foodie’s paradise. There are innumerable food choices suitable to any tourist’s budget, and you won’t be disappointed no matter where you eat in Barcelona! I personally like to try a little bit of everything, and you can, too, if you check out some of the eateries mentioned in this blog post. Enjoy a finance-friendly lunch, an elegant dinner, and some tapas to boot!



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