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Best Berlin Outdoor Cafés

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Enjoy the best Berlin outdoor cafés and see summer differently from the Landwehr canal.

Outdoor cafés in Berlin, Germany
is also known as the Pearl of the Orient. The name comes from its diverse characteristics – business heaven, party centre and a renowned destination for every art appreciator. Being the capital of one of Europe’s biggest and most popular countries, this city brings history, nature and fun together. Enjoying a day off work or a holiday in Berlin is something everyone should try!

Although not famous for its outdoor cafés, Berlin has them in large quantities and because of its unique nature and water channels, these locations provide their clients with the most incredible views of the city. Most of the best Berlin outdoor cafés are positioned near a river or a channel.

One such place is the Café Übersee. Customers have the possibility to drink their tea and beer right next to a guitar-playing youth and all of this happens underneath the lovely trees near Liegnitzer Strasse and along the Landwehr Canal. On top of this beautiful presentation, the food and drinks are both quite affordable!

Café Morgenrot is another one of the great Berlin outdoor cafés. It has a lovely menu with vegetarian meals and light summer salads as well as traditional German lager. The view from the lovely terraces of the café is amazing and seeing the sunset from there is a must if you’re visiting Berlin.

Last but not least is the Freischwimmer restaurant-café in Berlin. Previously a boat rental station, it welcomes people from all over the world and is also branded an ‘international food’ place. Trusting it with their free time, many visitors and locals of the German capital are relaxing there, enjoying the unique atmosphere of this old boathouse.

Berlin, Germany(photo by: marksweb)

Due to its great geographical position and incredible landscapes, the city of Berlin provides many of its café and restaurant owners with the possibility to share the beauty and experience of the great Central European sunrises and sunsets with their foreign visitors. Be one of the people who drank traditional German beer at the shores of the Berliner channels – book your stay in Berlin!


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