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Little Known Facts about Bermuda

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

For many individuals, the first thing that typically comes to mind when the subject of Bermuda is mentioned is the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.  Although this an intriguing part of the island’s allure, there are so many other reasons that international travelers from Europe and North America find to visit here.  The self-governing territory is located in the Atlantic Ocean just north of the Caribbean and to the east of North Carolina.

photo by Mark Carey

It is one of the few remaining territories of the once worldwide British Empire.  Interestingly enough, it is not only a popular tourist destination, there are number of fun and little known facts about Bermuda that we felt were worth being aware of.  Please read on.

Bermuda is comprised of 181 islands that are coral covered and lava-based.  There is only 155 miles of roadways on the islands.  It is the oldest of all British colonies.

Bermuda shorts are well known as proper attire on the island and is probably the most famous piece of men’s attire.  They are commonly worn between May 1st and the beginning of November.  It is perfectly fashionable for men to wear Bermuda shorts with knee sox, a jacket or sportscoat, and a tie.  The attire is acceptable at business and social functions.

Bermuda’s biggest and most popular holiday is the two-day Cup Match which is the championship competition of the East End and West End cricket teams.

Codfish and potatoes comprise the typical breakfast in Bermuda.

Every Wednesday evening during the warmer season, the main attraction is the Harbor Nights street fair and celebration when the entire Front Street area closes down to traffic for arts and crafts exhibits, entertainment and fun, food booths, and lots of music.

Good Friday is a public holiday that is dedicated to the gathering of families who come out to fly some very colorful kites.  It is a customary, if not the primary activity for families to participate in on Good Friday.

Per Capita, there are more golf courses in Bermuda than in any other location in the world.  There are seven 18-hole and two 9-hole golf courses situated in only 20.75 square miles.

The Whistling Frog (Bermuda tree frog) is well known but extremely difficult to find.  About the only time you have a chance to spot one is when it is raining, but you can always hear them croaking and whistling during the night.


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