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Gourmet Restaurants in Berlin

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Visiting Germany and the city of Berlin avails the international traveler with a number of different tourist venues that are all worth taking in.  The Black Forest, famous World War II landmarks, winter skiing venues, and more are there to please those with different tastes.  In many instances, it is the German cuisine that holds the major allure for international visitors despite the architecture, culture, and history of the country.  We have compiled a listing of the top gourmet restaurants in Berlin for your consideration.

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Vau – although this is a fairly trendy dining venue, it is still highly rated as a particular favorite of both locals and international travelers.  The restaurant procures as many of its ingredients as possible from the surrounding German countryside.

Restaurant Quarré – renowned for serving up reinventions of German entrées, this is primarily a French venue but should not be overlooked when visiting Berlin.  It is renowned for its white asparagus Crème Brûlée but there are so many other entrées on the menu that you will be tempted to sample all of them while visiting the city.

Restaurant 44 – the entrée combos that this restaurant features are very inventive and have a hint of the French flair for cuisine.  The more popular items featured on the menu are Duck Confit and sausage a creamy mace sauce and king prawns braised in cucumber, pink grapefruit, and tarragon foam.

Florian – one of the longest running dining establishments in Berlin.  The menu is influenced by Bavarian and Swabian culinary tastes.  Ironically, Swabia has been the brunt of many German jokes but no one condemns the cuisine there.  The menu alternates each day of the week so that you will never eat the same thing twice.

First Floor – apart from the ice grotto, this is the best asset featured by the Hotel Palace whose primary menu entrée is a guinea fowl breast with chestnuts, leeks, polenta, and truffles.  Their Lobster, fried Romanesco, and truffles should be experienced as well.  The marinated saddle of veal with truffles is not a bad third choice either.

Die Quadriga at Brandenburger Hof – although the menu is not strictly German, all the wines are and they are some of the best that you will experience in Europe including those in France or Italy.  The restaurant’s chef, Bobby Brauer, was crowned Berlin’s Master Chef in 2007.

Altes Zollhaus – the former customs house of World War II that was destroyed at the time is the site of this restaurant that features a waterside garden dining area during the summer months.  Situated in the heart of Berlin, the menu is influenced by regional cuisine and the wine cellar is stocked with the region’s favorites.

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