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Best Outdoor Holiday Activities in Belgium

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Belgium is officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium. Historically known as one of the Low Countries, it is often a wrong impression on people’s minds that Belgium is all about flat lands and fields. On the contrary, a holiday in this country is all about diverse geographical terrain and a lot of outdoor activities. A day in the green outdoors, with the sun streaming on your face, the breeze whipping through your hair, great food and a lot of enjoyment are promises that Belgium can easily keep. Could you ask for anything more from an amazing vacation?

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Bicycling: As it is in most European countries, cycling is very popular in Belgium. This eco-friendly activity gives you a chance to get to know the country really well and experience all it has to offer. Pack a picnic hamper and pamper yourself to a whole day in the outdoors. Charting a route on a map can help you cover areas without getting lost and optimize your day out.

Segways: There is no greater way to be introduced to the future of environmental friendly transportations that the Segway. These electric 2-wheel vehicles let you stand on them and will move in the direction you lean towards, coming to a halt if you stand straight. Between May and September the Belgium Segway Tour offers a two-hour sight-seeing on these vehicles starting at the Grand Palace. A day outdoors on what could be the vehicles of the future is quite the adventure.

Skateboarding: For all the skateboard lovers, Belgium offers one of the finest centers for skateboarding; the Ursulines Skatepark has all the big boulders, banks and bowls to try all the tricks you have ever wanted to.

Rollerblading: The Place Poelaert is center to a gathering of all rollerblading enthusiasts every Friday between June and September. Starting at 8 P.M., the group sets out on a night adventure for three hours on rollerblades as they take in the cool night air and the silver rays of the moon. If you get there by seven ‘o clock, you can even indulge in some refreshment before starting out.

Bruxelles Champatre: The Place des Palais celebrates the Bruxelles Champatre on Sundays with a huge fair featuring farm animals, farmer’s markets, food markets, a music kiosk, marching bands, a picnic ground, children’s playground and an information center on the positive economy, environment and sustainable transport. Relax in the open grounds and take in the air of festivities and culture.

Kayaking and Canoeing: The Ardennes is a great place for some kayaking and canoeing. The swift flowing rivers take you through dense forests and hills and offer you some great outdoor views. The River-Ourthe with its picture-postcard beauty is a great place for these activities. On dry land you can pick from a choice of things to do such as paintballing, laser games, abseiling, climbing and mountain biking in the great outdoors of Belgium.

Paragliding: The Namur area offers some great para-gliding spots where you can rent the equipment. The paragliding crew will explain all the safety features before your glide. Gliding through the crisp air and taking in the wonders of nature is a great adrenalin rush.

Sailing: The Eau d’Heure Lakes in Hainaut, Wellonia offer some amazing sailing-spots and a functional water sports center. Flanked by gorgeous meadows and deep woods, it is a breathtaking place to visit. Rent out yachts, catamarans, wind-surfers and enjoy the unspoilt landscape and the freshness of the outdoors.

Belgium is a haven for nature lovers looking for a holiday that is all about the outdoors and adventure. So head over for your next break and you will experience some amazing fun out in the sun.


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