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Best Beaches of the Mediterranean

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

best beaches in the mediterranean(Photo by olddocks)
Caption: You don’t have to tell the Mediterranean gull that it lives on some of the best beaches in the world!

Best Beaches of the Mediterranean

Step aside, Brazil! The Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the best beaches in world. In fact, beachgoers travel in droves to Southern Europe annually to experience its white sands and crystal-blue waters. The locals flock to them in droves as well. These beaches really do rock! If you are planning a trip to Europe, you simply must take the time to go to a beach on the Mediterranean. If you aren’t planning a trip to Europe, do so and go to a beach on the Mediterranean! Here are some of the best ones from which to choose, broken down by country.


You might not immediately think of Croatia when planning to sun in the Mediterranean, but I’m going to change your way of thinking right now. Croatia offers some of the most beautiful, and exclusive, Mediterranean beaches. Check out:

  • Hvar Island for a younger party scene; only the “beautiful” people sun here. You can party alongside them after a day in the sun at one of the area’s many nightclubs.
  • The Bonj les Bains beach club for an exclusive party scene and spa treatment. You can also enjoy sunbathing in a private cabana or take a nature walk.
  • Lapad Beach, which is more family-oriented and the largest beach in Dubrovnik. There’s plenty of sun, sand, and space for you and the kiddies!
  • Or take a ferry out of Dubrovnik to Kolocep, an unspoiled beach getaway that does not allow cars on the island. That’s right – you’ll have bike or walk to get around Kolocep. It’s so peaceful!


Greece is one of the first places people think of when it comes to exotic Mediterranean beaches. Couple that with friendly people and fantastic food and you have a perfect Southern European beach vacation. Notable Mediterranean beaches in Greece include:

  • Santorini, a part of Greece’s Cyclades Islands, is a crescent-shaped beach. Santorini is really the mouth of a volcano, and it offers visitors a unique black-pebble-and-red-sand landscape.
  • Mykonos Island is a Mediterranean beach for the heavy partying crowd. There is even an outdoor club called Cavo Paradiso overlooking the Aegean Sea.
  • Rhodes, another Grecian island, is known for its cleanliness, which can be important if your kids are traveling with you. Elli beach is great for the entire family, and Filarki offers scuba diving.
  • When visiting Crete, check out the many beach resorts found in Elounda, including the five-star Elounda Beach Hotel, which offers visitors a private beach. Another gem is Elafonisi beach.


Yes, Turkey. This amazing country is not only an archeological and architectural wonder, but it also has some super Mediterranean beaches. Once you’re done exploring Turkey’s numerous ruins, relax and enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate at:

  • Oludeniz, which is known to have some of the calmest waters in which to swim. You can also hike on nearby nature paths taking you deep into Turkey’s mountains.
  • Konyaalti Beach is one of many beaches in Antayla, Turkey, and it has it all, including a water park, swimming with dolphins, volleyball, and plenty of restaurants for when you get hungry.
  • Bodrum Peninsula is home to many fishing villages, and the beautiful and plentiful beaches are the main reason why. Take a private boat tour to learn more about local beach culture.


Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, Montenegro is a Southern European gem that has not really come up on the radar. This is changing quickly, however, as visitors are discovering why this country is called the Mediterranean’s jewel. When in Montenegro, enjoy:

  • Kotor, which is a beach town offering something for everyone. Kotor is a wonderfully relaxing place, and its shores rich with stone offer visitors a new and wonderful beach experience.
  • Budva sits on the Montenegrin Coast and is home to 17 different beaches. These beaches offer more than just sun and sand (or stone); you can bungee jump, paraglide, and water ski in Budva.

If you are looking for a beach vacation, think Mediterranean. Sure, Hawaii is amazing, as are Fiji, the Bahamas, and many other vacation spots known for their beaches. The Mediterranean beaches rival any beach in the world, and the Europeans have been aware of this forever. Instead of booking a trip to Maui, see what all the fuss is about in the Mediterranean. You just might find a new and less crowded beach destination that you’ll return to year after year.


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