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Hottest Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2014

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

As summer approaches, there arises a need to diligently decide on the best swimwear. There are different emerging figure-flattering and comfortable trends of bathing suites. They fall under different categories for men and women and also vary in prices. These in-stylish swimwear suites can make one be a step ahead since they are trendy-worth and fashionable.

bathing suit trends 2014(photo by: Samantha Jade Royds)

The most popular women wear on market this summer include cutouts, bustier tops, high-waist bottoms, blouson, high-waist Bottoms, Strapless, fringe top, fringe top, ruffles, plunging neckline, bustier top, mesh and others.

On the other hand, most common men’s wear on the market include black and white knitted striped bathing suit, tall and buff category, white tones, pastel tones, classic paisley, madras ,gingham, fuller cut, baggy board shorts , navy seal trunks , orlear brown , vilebrequin, tyr Jammers and others. The above are some of the most suitable clothing as the temperature rises due to intense sunshine that is experienced during the summer.

Where to show of the super trendy bathing suits
One may require different types of fashion dressing depending on the season, body structure and body size for swimming or bathing. Each model above is suitable for use depending on one’s preference for instance while lounging on the beach or on actual swimming. There are many beaches in coastal regions of America African and Australian countries best for the coming summer season. I can particularly point out beach hotels in Cape Town in South Africa being one of the best places to be during that period.


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