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Barcelona Nightlife Neighborhood Guide

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Are you planning on touring the exotic city of Barcelona, and searching for a proper Barcelona Nightlife Neighborhood Guide? Look no further. Our guide will provide you with the information you need.

About Barcelona
One of the first things that you will encounter when you first visit this magnificent city is that it doesn’t sleep. The night-partying is ingrained in the local culture and that is what makes Barcelona so unique. The city is Spain’s second largest and is located on the North-eastern part of the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

Barcelona Nightlife Neighborhood Guide
(photo by: Palau Robert Generalitat de Catalunya)

Clubbing in Barcelona
If you are a party animal, which you most likely are if you are reading this, it’s worth finding out about the general nature of clubs in the neighborhood before diving head first into your preconceived Barcelona nightlife adventures. For example, it’s important to know whether you will have to pay to enter most clubs in the neighbourhood, and if so how much it will cost, the best hotels and lodges, among others. To start with, most clubs in Barcelona have no set standard entrance fee. The prices may vary according to the night, for example ‘ladies night’, the DJ playing, or artist performing, and the time. Most clubs in Barcelona are usually free to enter so long as it’s before 1 am in the night. You can also pick up flyers that grant free entrance and drinks to certain clubs. The fliers are available in stands near the clubs, some cafes, and bars.

Top clubs to visit while in Barcelona
Some of the top bars to visit while in Barcelona include the Elephant club, which is situated in the Les Corts area-very chic, and the Razzmatazz club, which has five different sections offering five different types of music, all of which function independently. The Mirabe, Sutton, and Pacha clubs are also worth looking into.

Places to stay while in Barcelona
There are many nice hotels to choose from while staying in Barcelona. One of these is the Hotel Del Comte, which is located between the Fira de Barcelona site and Placa Catalunya. Others include Hotel Barbara, Hostel Residencia Erasmus Gracia, and Hotel Catalonia Sagrada Familia.


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