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The 5 Most Popular Night Clubs in Barcelona

Friday, August 29th, 2008

The port city of Barcelona, Spain located on the Mediterranean coast is the capital of the region of Catalonia and is renowned all over the world for the spectacular works of its native Catalan son, the architect Antoni Gaudi.

Some of Gaudi’s most famous creations are located in the heart of Barcelona like the Park Güell and the Sagrada Família church and these attractions draw hordes of visitors to Barcelona every year. However apart from these architectural marvels which have recently been featured in the latest Woody Allen movie ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona‘, Barcelona is also well known for its fantastic Catalan cuisine and its vibrant nightlife.

  • However before venturing out to party on a visit to Barcelona you must be aware that Spanish people dine late and thus begin their nocturnal activities very late.
  • The peak time at a nightclub on the weekends is usually 3am with the ‘partying‘ going on until 7am.
  • Most clubs do charge an entrance but most offer free entrance before midnight. In order to avoid paying entrance at the clubs do keep your eyes open for promotional flyers which are periodically issued by popular clubs. These flyers are usually distributed in the key tourist areas and they often entitle you to free entrance or discounted drinks at the clubs

So which are the most popular nightclubs in Barcelona?

  • Elephant

One of Barcelona’s chicest nightclubs is the Elephant which is located in the Les Corts neighborhood. Elephant is ‘the place to see and be seen in Barcelona’. The club is housed in a two–storey baroque villa which has different ‘salas’. The lush verdant garden is adorned with colonial style décor and is a mellow chill out zone which has its own outdoor bar. The garden is decorated with large bronze elephants and lush bamboo groves and is the perfect spot to people watch as Elephant is frequented by many ‘beautiful’ people who come to Elephant for its ‘scene’. There is also an exclusive VIP area which is decorated with plush sofas and many mirrors and mood lighting and a ‘blue’ sala which has a painted blue wall that is decorated with the popular Arabic symbol of the ‘Hand of Fatima‘.

Elephant is open from Wednesdays to Sundays and is located at 1, Paseo de los Tilos, Tel: +34 93 334 0258.

  • Razzmataz

Despite its cheesy name this is one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona as it offers its patrons five different styles of music in its five different sections – The Razz Bar, The Loft, The Lolita, The Rex Room and The Pop Bar. All these sections actually function as independent clubs and your entrance fee allows you to roam freely between the rooms in order to experience the different thumping sounds according to your preference.

Sala Razzmataz is the choice performance venue for the various overseas artists who visit Barcelona. The club charges an entrance fee of 12 euros and is located at 122, Carrer dels Almogàvers. Tel: + 34 932 720 910

  • Mirabe

This is another splendid two storey club which has an outdoor garden terrace and affords spectacular views from its location atop Mt.Tibidabo. This classy club is open every day from 7pm onwards. However it maybe difficult to get a taxi back to your hotel in the wee hours of the morning after a night of partying at Mirabe.  Mirabe is located at the end of Avenida Tibidabo. Tel: +34 934 340 035

  • Sutton

This New York style ‘dancetaria’ has been reigning on Barcelona’s nightclub scene for over six years and it is still going strong in spite of newer clubs having opened their doors. The Sutton Club has designated VIP areas for its premium guests and the club has been visited by international ‘glitterati’ in the form of Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage and Brazilian soccer stars like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. The Sutton club is located at posh Calle Tusset in the Gothic quarter and is open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight until 5am. Tel: +34 93 414 4217

  • Pacha

Can’t make it to the Balearic island of Ibiza? Never fear as the most famous nightclub in the world has an equally raucous outpost in Barcelona. Located near the Zona Universitaria, this nightspot is frequented by hordes of college students who are perennially looking for a spot to let their hair down.

Pacha is open daily and is located at 17, Avenida Doctor Marañón. Tel: +34 93 334 3233

Photo of Pacha, Barcelona originally posted by Ardià Garcia

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  1. Dan Random says:
    February 27th, 2009 at 02:35

    Yes, Barcelona is one of my fav places in Spain, better than Madrid, I’m gonna stop by there, I hope I can get away with Spanish instead of Catalan :)

  2. anjeeta says:
    February 27th, 2009 at 02:43

    Dan, I have never had a problem in Madrid or Barcelona but I suffer in Palma de Mallorca which I visit often as they speak a local dialect called Mallorquinese( sp?) which is tough to understand.

  3. Imran says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 20:24

    This Listing is very old, Pacha club was closed in Barcelona in 2008, i have found a new listing of night clubs here

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