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Top 5 Traditional Austrian Restaurants in Vienna

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Like most twenty first century capital cities, Vienna is a gastronomic delight where you can find almost any style of cuisine you could wish for.

This article ignores almost all of them, however, and explains where you can find the best, or at least most authentic, Viennese food going.

1. Korso Bei Der Oper

According to reports from people who can afford to eat there, the Korso Bei Der Oper is one of the best restaurants in Vienna. This is comforting as it is certainly one of the most expensive as my short and unhappy visit demonstrated. The food is reported to be simple but refined and worth the price if you can afford it. The restaurant is part of the Hotel Bristol which lends it even more elegance and, as the name suggests, is very convenient for the Staatsoper. Reservations are essential.

2. Schweizerhaus

About as far in tone as you can imagine from the Korso Bei Der Oper is the Schweizerhaus.

Set in the middle of the Prater and with its own very large garden, Schweizerhaus provides good food at lowish prices to a lot of people. This is the place to come and relax with friends in summer, drink a few beers and wash them down with a Weiner Schnitzel. Off season visitors should be aware, however, the Schweizerhaus closes for the winter in October.

3. Figlmüller

If Weiner Schnitzel is what you’re after then you will not be dissatisfied with Figlmüller. This restaurant is well known for both the quality of their schnitzel and the size. Dinner plate filling slabs of meat have been reported and thoroughly enjoyed as well. As is the case with any good restaurant visitors and locals alike are can be seen at the informal tables. Figlmüller is to be found at Wollzeile 5 near Stephansplatz U-Bahn station.

4. Steirereck

Back at the more formal end of the market is the formidable Steirereck. Located in the Stadtpark the restaurant actually gives you the choice of two experiences, one slightly less formal than the other. As well as the Viennese traditional dishes on offer are some more unusual ones that change regularly. Steirereck is also very well known for its selection of cheeses. For the main restaurant reservations are vital, head to Stadtpark station on the U-Bahn.

5. Sacher

For decades many guides have suggested that Sacher, the restaurant from which the Sacher cake took its name, is the place to eat in Vienna. I have not had the pleasure of trying it yet, however, my Viennese friends assure me that these days the place relies more on hype and tourist money than real quality. This is something to bear in mind if it is recommended by your hotel or other tourist handlers.

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Photo of traditional Austrian food and beer at Schweizerhaus, Vienna, Austria by

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Will Joce is a recent graduate from the London School of Economics who has a morbid fear of working in an office. As well as travelling and writing he has worked in the UK Parliament and as a press monitor. Refusing to follow advice and get a real job he will soon be beginning a Masters degree at St Petersburg State University

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  1. Emma Tameside says:
    October 1st, 2012 at 06:04

    “This is comforting as it is certainly one of the most expensive as my short and unhappy visit demonstrated.”

    Hey Will, I’m really sorry to hear things didn’t go according to plan. Why was your visit unhappy?

    The last time we visited Vienna, we had an amazing time and we’ve already planned (on paper) our next trip there early next year. We visited the Vienna Christmas markets and there was a TON of traditional Viennese food there, as well as more German cuisine too. I remember we had all kinds of smoked meat and lovely baked goods, and of course some warm mulled wine, although I’m sure it has a better name than that :)

    I think it’s always a good idea to look where the locals are eating, and possibly avoid the tourist traps, if you’re really looking to sample authentic Viennese food.

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