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8 fun family things to do in Athens, Greece

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

The capital and largest city in Greece is the city of Athens, one of the oldest of the world’s more famous cities.

Rich in culture and steeped in history, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Additionally, the city is a cosmopolitan metropolis that is flourishing very well, with a vast population covering a sizable urban area. Athens is also Greece’s cultural, economic, financial, industrial, and political center featuring a wide array of activities.

The following is a list of the most recommended places for families to take in while visiting Athens.

  • Athens Walking Tours

An unforgettable experience that will allow tourists and their families to go back home richer in knowledge with the cultural and historical knowledge gained from the tours.

  • Acropolis Tours

Athens’ most famous site and most frequently visited. There is a large hill in the center of the Acropolis which contains a group of ancient ruins.

  • Agora

Located in the center of Athens. These ruins were once the site of the ancient marketplace times, and the cultural, economic, and political center of the ancient world. Make sure to visit the Flea Markets that are always buzzing with activity.

  • Parthenon

Recognized for its white marble columns and perfect sense of proportion, these are some of the most majestic ruins you will find anywhere in Athens.

  • Benaki Museum

Recently renovated into an elegant setting, the building houses a varied collection of both ancient and modern-day Athens culture and history.

  • Goulandris Foundation Museum of Cycladic Art

A must-see museum if you do not visit any others while in Athens. This is a private collection of prehistoric artifacts and sculpture that is unmatched by other museums around the world.

  • National Archaeological Museum

The Ethniko Archaiologiko Museo is dedicated to the ancient culture of the Minoans.  It features a variety of art and artifacts of this ancient tribe that once controlled and dominated the Aegean Sea.

  • Syntagma Square

Basically the town center-square-plaza and quite a hub of activity. The Square is always full of life and music with a stage set in the middle of the square. Every night, you can relax on the balcony of your hotel room (if you stay at one of several near the square) and listen to the music.

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    December 13th, 2008 at 22:07

    Great tips!thank you

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