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Cheap Eats in Athens

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Even if you are traveling on a budget, there is no reason to eliminate Athens and Greece from a budget-based vacation.  You can find all kinds of airline bargains most times of the year and once you get to Athens, there are numerous budget hotels that you can stay in while vacationing there.  Another way to handle spending time in Greece on a budget is to visit the less popular islands that are always competing with the more popular ones for all the tourist business they can get their hands on.
Athens Greek SaladThe same holds true when it comes to cheap eats in Athens.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a meal in order to satisfy your appetite.  The following are some suggestions to consider whenever you are vacationing in Athens on a budget.  One of the first tips is to find a few back streets that feature smaller cafés and taverns as these will always be more affordable than the ones on the main streets and the seafront eateries.  Finally, look at where the locals eat and talk to them.  Here are a few suggestions for cheap eats in Athens.

Melilotos – by far, this is one of the cheapest dining venues in the city and it’s either all on a to-go basis or delivery.  A lot of locals stop here to pick up a lunch for a family picnic when they are on their way to the National Gardens, a FREE attraction that would also not impact your budget.

Paradosiako – known for serving the best calamari in Athens.  It is brought in fresh every day from the fish market and fried to perfection.  Enjoy this with some olives, a small side dish, and some Ouzo for a great afternoon meal.

To Koutouki – a quirky little hole in the wall café that is worth visiting because you can see some spectacular sunsets from their small dining terrace.

To Ouzadiko – if you want authentic Greek home cooking and some of the freshest fish in the city, this is the place.  This is a very popular place to dine out for the locals, so be prepared for evening crowds during the work week and especially on the weekends.

Archaion Gefsis – not only is this one of the most original restaurants in Athens, it is the only themed restaurant in the city.  It is located off the beaten path and one of the liveliest little restaurants you will find in Athens, but the food and the pricing make it all worth it.

Makriyianni 3 – home of the best (and cheapest) ciabatta breakfast sandwich in the city.  This is the place for breakfast so you get energized before going out and doing all that sightseeing.  Oh, the sandwich is enough for two people so hopefully you aren’t alone.

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