Taking Kids on Vacation - All About Airplanes

Traveling on vacation is an exciting time for all travelers. The thrill of going to the airport, watching the planes and seeing all the people getting on the plane is exciting for new and experienced travelers. It is especially exciting for kids traveling on an airplane for the very first time. The first time a child travels by plane presents an excellent opportunity for parents to teach kids about airplanes and flight.

The airplane that we now know is derived from motor less planes and gliders. While these planes technically flew through the air they were just a small part of air flight that we know today. The first powered flight occurred in 1903 when Wilbur and Orville Wright made their historic flight in North Carolina. From modest beginnings, the airplane has become an integral part of our lives as well as the worldwide growth that has transpired in the past century.

One of the most fascinating concepts for kids is learning how planes fly. Through the principles of lift, gravity, thrust and drag, planes can get off the ground and cruise at a high altitude. There are many useful resources below that uses examples and experiments to explain how planes function.

We have also included other information on the history of airplanes, parts of the plane, the types of airplanes, airplane terminology and other information. We hope this information is helpful in teaching kids about the wonderful world of planes. This will hopefully increase your child's enjoyment of the trip and make your vacation fun!

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