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Apres-ski activities – for kids!

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Apres-ski is a widely used term but one that is often associated with loud music and lots of thirsty skiers and snowboarders! However, apres-ski literally means “after-ski” and therefore relates to just about any activity that you can do after skiing in a ski resort. This ranges from having a quiet vin chaud with your partner in a cosy apres-ski bar, dancing on tables in your ski gear with a bunch of people you’ve never met before, to trying some new apres-ski activities and having some family ski holiday fun with the kids.

family ski holidays

Good kid’s apres-ski is becoming a must…

After personal experiences on family ski holidays, enduring hours of yodelling in apres-ski bars in Austrian ski resorts, while wishing the ski runs stayed open at night to do some crazy sledding or some other exciting activity, I am very glad to see that ski resorts right across the Alps have, at last, started to understand the importance of keeping EVERYONE happy and entertained during their ski holidays. It may be the parents that pay, but it’s the kids’ smiling faces that will make families come back to a ski resort or not! Many French ski resorts now have the “Famille Plus” or “Famille Plus Montagne” label which is awarded to ski resorts that attain a certain level of facilities, activities and services for families. So let’s take a look at which apres-ski activities are on offer in ski resorts for you and your kids.

If your kids love speed and snow!

Tobogganing is the absolute classic family apres-ski activity! If anyone knows someone who DOESN’T enjoy tobogganing, please let me know – we need to have a chat! This apres-ski activity is a fun way of getting very young kids to love the snow, although don’t throw them down a steep slope on their own for the first time or they might put them off for life! There is also no age limit for this activity – even sulky teenagers will manage to shake off their moods while hurtling down the toboggan run, watching out for other like-minded youngsters also enduring a terribly boring family ski holiday! Other faster and more furious apres-ski activities for kids AND their parents, include the likes of the “Luge Devale” in Risoul in the southern French Alps which is a toboggan on rails with hairpin bends through the trees that will make you glad that you and your kids are well strapped in! You’re in charge of the brakes and if your kids are up for it, you can get up to speeds of 30km/hour! If that’s not fast enough for your adrenalin junkie teens, then you just have to head to La Plagne where you can experience the thrills of piloting a real bobsleigh on the Olympic circuit and get up to speeds of around 120km/hour! That will be something to tell their friends back at school!

If your kids love animals and snow!

Many ski resorts across the Alps organise fun activities for children centred around animals. In the French ski resort of Le Grand Bornand, young children can have a go at pony luge – a sledge towed at low speed by a pony – a walking pony I’ll just add! In many ski resorts, children can have a go at being a musher and ride, and even steer, a dog sled. Ski-joering is another favourite apres-ski activity for kids, especially for all little girls who love horses! This activity is for older children who can control their skis as they are pulled along by a trotting horse in the snow!

Well I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for ideas about apres-ski activities for kids for your next family ski holidays and all that remains to say is – have a great and safe ski holiday!


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